The simplest details leave a lasting impression. Therefore never underestimate the importance of door fittings.
FORMANI by Piet Boon



Born: Koog aan de Zaan, 1958

Design philosophy: Balancing functionality,
aesthetics and individuality.
Designed for FORMANI:
FORMANI reference projects including our Piet Boon collection:

Studio Piet Boon and FORMANI believe in the beauty of simplicity combined with quality and functionality. We share the vision that doorware is an essential part of any project and gives a first impression when entering a room. It’s the first handshake with the building. The clean lines and geometric designs of the FORMANI by Piet Boon collections are pure, iconic, recognizable, and yet neutral. The models originated from the vision to explore a different design language, but one which is in harmony with the identity of Studio Piet Boon.

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