Born: Ceuta, 1964

Design philosophy: Create a unique space with its own personality, spaces to be enjoyed, where customers feel comfortable.
Designed for FORMANI:
FORMANI by Lázaro Rosa-Violán
A door handle is what separates you and a room. Door handles open worlds. A handle is a medium, a first impression. It allows you to enter and leave. Open doors from the past into the future.
FORMANI reference projects including our Lázaro Rosa-Violán collection

Lázaro Rosa Violán’s design philosophy revolves around accessible design, as part of which the experience should transcend the space itself and serve as an invitation for everyone to join. He creates an atmosphere – one only needs to touch the handle to begin the experience.
Lázaro collaborated with FORMANI to develop the BOSCO hardware series. His philosophy and strength in the use of structure are reflected in the design of the BOSCO. 

BOSCO by Lázaro Rosa-Violán Formani

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