Open the door in style. We joined forces with FORMANI to create a doorware series that focuses on the essentials, creating a simple, sleek and timeless design.


FORMANI by Jan des Bouvrie

Jan des


Born: Naarden, 1942     ​​​​​​†​​​ October 4, 2020

Design philosophy: Symmetry, Minimalism, Functionality.
Designed for FORMANI:


FORMANI reference projects including our Jan des Bouvrie collection

Jan des Bouvrie, founding father of Dutch Design, distinguished himself in the interior design scene by implementing symmetrical elements and conveying essence.
The products he designed are functional and comfortable, yet offer an aesthetic appeal. He joined forces with FORMANI to develop the SQUARE hardware series, which focuses on these essentials. This created a simple, sleek, and timeless design with which to open every door in style. One can recognize a Jan des Bouvrie by the smooth lines that are added to the SQUARE design to accentuate the important elements. 

Jan des Bouvrie - reference project Formani

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