Born: Geldrop, 1971

Design philosophy: I am writing you a long letter, because I don't have time for a short one... (E.B. Pascal)
Designed for FORMANI:
FORMANI by Bob Manders
A front door handle offers the first impression of a building, while the handle of an interior door creates the first impression of the space beyond.
FORMANI reference projects including our Bob Manders collection

Bob Manders’ designs reflect a true understanding of the past and a great fascination for innovation, resulting in a balanced space. The unpredictability and innovativeness of his designs are evident in the FORMANI RIBBON by Bob Manders series. This hardware collection is based on the architectural principle ‘RIBBON’, where walls, floors, and roof unite within a building to form a single, self-supporting yet interlinked structure. This construction results in a continued sense of movement and momentum as the spaces flow into one another. His passion for innovation is reflected in the way the lever handle is shaped.

Statement: It is by logic we prove, but by intuition that we discover (Henri Poincaré)

Formani reference project - Private Residence Bob Manders

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