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Do you have any questions about FORMANI? You can find answers to frequently asked questions about our FORMANI products, services, and policies. We have designed our FAQ section to provide you with the information you need quickly, whether it's questions during your orientation phase, specification phase, installation phase, or afterward. If you don't find an answer to your question here, our FORMANI team is ready to assist you further.


Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Can FORMANI door hardware be used with electronic hotel locks?

In many cases, yes. To be certain, provide a specification of the lock. If you haven't chosen a hotel lock yet, we can also assist in selecting one based on our best practices. Please contact us through our contact form.

How does FORMANI structure its product article numbers and search names?

At FORMANI, we use both article numbers and search names in our system. The search name identifies the product regardless of its finish. An article code is product-specific and contains information about the finish and any technical aspects. You can submit either type for information requests. If you need assistance in acquiring the correct article numbers, our customer service department is ready to assist. You can contact them through our website's contact form.

Does FORMANI provide technical drawings and specifications for their products?

Yes, at FORMANI, we aim to offer thorough technical support. Technical drawings, both 3D and 2D, are available for all our products. Most products also come with specific DWG files (#3D models, #BIM) and/or assembly instructions. You can find these for a specific product in our online catalogue. If you can't find the required information, feel free to contact us.

Can I mix and match finishes across all FORMANI collections?

FORMANI finishes' availability depends on the collection. Always check our (online) catalogue, finishes page, or collection page to confirm if your chosen collection is available in the desired finish. If you're looking for a specific finish that's not standard for a particular collection, please contact us.

What finishes are available for FORMANI products?

FORMANI products come in various premium finishes and colours. Options include brushed or polished steel, powder coat, PVD coating, and for a classic look, brass or nickel. Our colour palette features the most popular finishes based on current trends.

Beyond the basic finishes, some products incorporate materials like ebony, oak, or Carrara marble. For a comprehensive list of available finishes, visit our finish page.

Can I purchase directly from FORMANI?

No, our products are acquired through our dealer network. We work with a global network of agents, distributors, and dealers to ensure expert technical support during the selection and purchasing process. All are specialized in our products, providing technical knowledge for optimal local support. Moreover, our products are often supplemented with other hardware products supplied by our dealers. Find our list of dealers on our website using this link.

What are FORMANI's operating hours?

FORMANI's headquarters in the Netherlands is open from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (CET). For the operating hours of our partners (dealers, agents, and/or distributors), we recommend checking their websites.

Does FORMANI include mounting hardware with their products?

Yes, FORMANI always provides the necessary mounting materials with our products. However, we strongly advise you to specify the thickness of your door when placing an order. This ensures that the provided mounting fits your requirements perfectly.

Does FORMANI supply locks with their door handles?

No, FORMANI only supplies the specified hardware. However, our dealers can offer a complete hardware package or guide you on this. You can find a list of our dealers on this page.

Where can I request a quote?

You can effortlessly request a quote using the form on this page or by emailing Our partner, either an exclusive distributor or dealer, will provide the quote.

Which markets does FORMANI operate in? Does FORMANI ship globally?

FORMANI operates globally, serving markets including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. We have an extensive distributor and sales point network worldwide. You can locate our sales points here. If your country or location isn't listed, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Where can I find pricing?

Since our product lines may vary by country, prices can differ. As a result, we don't display prices on our website. However, you can easily request them using the form on this page. Either we or one of our partners will provide the prices for you.

What's the delivery time for FORMANI products?

We aim to keep our delivery times as short as possible. Although exact delivery times may vary based on the product type, quantity, destination, and our partners' supply chain, we generally achieve high delivery performance. However, we strongly recommend placing your product orders well in advance with your dealer to ensure timely delivery. If you haven't ordered yet and your desired delivery date is approaching, ask your dealer to contact us to check if the date is achievable.

Does FORMANI have a showroom to view specific products?

You can view our products at our official FORMANI dealer showrooms, where you also have the option to purchase them. Please refer to our point of sales for a list of our dealers.

Can I return FORMANI products?

Yes, in most cases, you can return unused and complete FORMANI products, except custom-made items. However, returns are processed through our dealer network. We recommend contacting the dealer or distributor where you made the purchase for return procedures and conditions. They can provide you with the necessary information and guidance regarding the return of FORMANI products as per their policies.

Who provides warranty or service?

The warranty or service is provided by our extensive dealer network. Our selected dealers are trained and authorized to provide quality service and warranty support for our products. When you purchase a product through one of our authorized dealers, you can trust that they will handle warranty and service requirements for you.

Can I receive a FORMANI catalogue?

As a professional in the fields of architecture, interior design, construction, or as a reseller, you can request a catalogue from FORMANI at any time. For a printed version of the catalogue, we ask you to provide some information so that we can assess whether our printed catalogue meets your needs. If this is the case, the catalogue will then be provided by us or one of our partners. If necessary, we will contact you for additional information or to verify your details after you have submitted your request. You can easily request a catalogue via this link.

If you request a catalogue as a private individual, you can always receive a digital version from us. Besides this, we offer a booklet that gives an atmospheric impression of our collection. We also recommend that you visit one of our points of sale so that you can view our products in person and obtain technical support.

Can I request samples from FORMANI?

Professionals can request samples to assist in their design-, layout-, and material choices related to our products. We offer individual product samples, a sample box, and a colour chip box. Please note there are minimum costs involved for these samples. You can request your sample via the request forms on this page. For more information, please contact us at

How does FORMANI prioritize sustainability in its door hardware production?

At FORMANI, we prioritize sustainable practices throughout our production, including our door hardware's finish. We employ eco-friendly, non-toxic finishing methods (Low-VOC) like powder coatings and PVD-coating, reducing harmful chemicals and waste. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives on our website.

Is FORMANI door hardware universal?

FORMANI door fittings are not automatically universal, as their compatibility depends on several factors, such as the specific locks and doors on which it is to be installed. However, to meet diverse needs, FORMANI offers different options and solutions for different models, making our products suitable for various types of doors and locks. In markets where there are deviations in specifications, we have developed customized programs and products. It is essential to consult the product information or technical specifications of FORMANI door fittings to ensure that they are suitable for your specific type of door and lock. If you are considering using FORMANI door fittings, we recommend that you contact a specialist or a FORMANI dealer to determine the specific model or design that best suits your situation.

Is FORMANI hardware suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our standard stainless steel quality (AISI 304) is suitable for outdoor use. However, if you're in coastal or industrial areas, we recommend opting for a PVD coating. Glossy nickel is not suitable for outdoors. However, in our TIMELESS collection, we offer PVD nickel finishes for exterior door hardware and some popular door handle models. Brass, on the other hand, is excellent for outdoor use, but our brass finish is unlacquered, allowing it to develop a patinated look over time, which adds to its charm. Remember, regular maintenance is always essential.

What benefits does FORMANI offer to architects and interior designers when selecting door hardware?

FORMANI provides comprehensive solutions in architectural hardware for architects and interior designers. Our product range includes total concepts covering door hardware, window fittings, furniture hardware, and various accessories. This allows for a consistent application of design elements throughout an entire project, ensuring cohesion. We also support architects and interior designers during their selection and specification phase with various tools like our catalogue, sample boxes, colour chip boxes, and individual samples.

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