Born: Hilversum, 1976

Design philosophy: I prefer to design a product that combines design and convenience in a natural way. Any product that I design must be something tough, chic, timeless and a tad own wisdom in them. Functional products with a surprising twist.
Designed for FORMANI:
FORMANI by Bertram Beerbaum
Door handles may seem like an inconspicuous part in the home, but the devil is in the detail.
FORMANI reference projects including our Bertram Beerbaum collection

Bertram Beerbaum x FORMANI

Bertram Beerbaum prefers to design products in a convenient but natural way. Any product that he designs must be stylish, chic, and timeless, yet refreshingly idiosyncratic. These are products that combine function with a surprising twist. According to his design philosophy, door fittings must both look good and have a comfortable grip. But most importantly, the design should be in perfect harmony with the building’s architecture. An inspiring encounter with Bertram Beerbaum generated innovative and exciting ideas and ultimately resulted in the introduction of the fantastic TENSE collection.

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