vinkeveense plassen

Luxurious residence by Studio Kabaz

The customized design of this villa is a residential project of Studio Kabaz. Natural light, green environment and privacy was what the client had in mind and we may say that this goal is achieved.

Formani reference renovation project - Tense Villa Vinkeveense plassen
Formani reference design project - Villa Vinkeveense Plassen

Natural materials and dark shades

To create this feeling they chose for natural materials and shades, steel frames and a lot of glass. There have also been a lot of dark shades used which contribute to the distinctive touches of the interior. That is why the FORMANI TENSE series in satin black is seen as the perfect match to complete the interior design. The use of black door and window handles ads to the atmosphere and grandeur which the house exudes. 

FORMANI TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum hardware series

The TENSE collection, with its multi-functional features, is reminiscent of a chameleon. This series combine to form an overall concept. Our range of unique door, window and furniture fittings, as well as complementary accessories can be mixed and matched to produce a complete design and a perfectly balanced interior.

pull handle satin black
BB500 solid pull handle satin black
Formani reference design project - Villa Vinkeveense Plassen - exterior
pull handle satin black formani

Find out more about our TENSE hardware series.
The TENSE hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.
Would you like to find out more about our hardware series? Request our catalogue or take a look at the collection page.  

formani reference design project Villa Vinkeveense Plassen Studio Kabaz
Villa Vinkeveense Plassen - exterior Studio Kabaz
lever handle on plate satin black
BB104 lever handle on plate
studio Kabaz interior design
Reference design project Villa Vinkeveense Plassen
Studio Kabaz reference design project
Formani reference project Villa Vinkeveense plassen

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