"A door handle is like a jewel, always visible in your home. We have opted for a clear and sturdy design, a conical shape. The technology is hidden in the cone section so that no rosette is needed. “

FORMANI by Osiris Hertman



Born: Tillburg, 1972

Design philosophy: I like to incorporate the landscape in my interiors; the influence of nature is essential. Basically, you can learn everything through nature: the warmth of clothing, the softness that is concealed within hard materials, the flexibility of things, the cohesion. Every last thing harmonises with everything else.

Designed for FORMANI:

Osiris Hertman strives to create harmony between architecture and interior design. By working, as much as possible, with natural light in combination with carefully chosen traditional, intense, and dark materials, Hertman always finds the balances between luxury and tranquillity whether subdued or not. Details are essential to this balance. They are also the inspiration for the CONE hardware collection. A door handle gives you access to something precious and could therefore be thought of as a modest but displayed ornament The simple door handle can bring your attention back to the present. The unique design was inspired by the handle on a safe. The CONE door handle's technical perfection, and quality ensure unity, balance, and functionality. This co-creation fits perfectly with the design philosophy of both Osiris Hertman and FORMANI. 



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