Hotel Rokin Amsterdam

Seamless Integration of Heritage and Modernity

Osiris Hertman's exceptional interior design project at Hotel Rokin seamlessly marries the historic charm of a 17th-century townhouse with contemporary comfort and style. This accommodation, nestled in one of Amsterdam's oldest neighborhoods, is a testament to the Highland Group's commitment to creating warm and intimate spaces. 

Formani reference project Rokin Hotel Amsterdam
Photography by Jurrit van der Waal
Unlocking Luxury: Vingcard Locks at Hotel Rokin

Heritage Meets Modern Luxury

With a focus on preserving the building's rich history while enveloping guests in modern luxury, the result is a captivating fusion of past and present. Osiris Hertman's design, with a high level of detailing, enhances the hotel's timeless allure, with striking patterns, special materials and deep, inviting hues that leave a lasting impression. Hotel Rokin stands as a shining example of how heritage and modernity can coexist harmoniously in the heart of Amsterdam."

Elegant CONE Hotel Lock Integration

Osiris Hertman seamlessly integrated the CONE door hardware collection from FORMANI, a collection of his own design. This range of door, window, and furniture hardware not only exemplifies craftsmanship but also represents an enduring symbol of timeless sophistication. It's the ideal complement for blending historic charm with contemporary flair. The handle's aesthetics, coupled with its exceptional quality and functionality, make it an ideal choice for hotels and various projects where doors play a pivotal role in defining the ambiance of a space.

Captivating Fusion: Hotel Rokin's Interior Transformation
Heritage and Modernity Merge at Hotel Rokin Amsterdam
CONE Hardware Collection: Elevating Hotel Lock Integration
OH101 satin black

CONE Collection and Hotel Locks Customization
In many instances, the CONE Collection can be seamlessly adjusted to accommodate hotel locks with minimal modifications. Each assessment will be customized to suit the unique requirements, considering the lock model and the preferred door handle. In the case of this project, Osiris Hertman selected a Vingcard lock (from Assa Abloy) to pair with the CONE door handle OH101.

For additional details regarding the integration of door hardware with hotel locks, please consult this article and/ or contact us:

Unlocking Luxury: Vingcard Locks at Hotel Rokin
Crafting Ambiance: CONE Hardware and Hotel Locks
Preserving Heritage: Hotel Rokin's Unique Interior Design

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