Villa 't gooi

Designing a villa with a contemporary character 

For Kabaz architects, the designer of this project, the ultimate challenge is to design a house that fits the zoning plan and makes the client happy. The client wanted a modern, sleek house that still had a warm and friendly look. However, the building site for the mansion in Laren had a few tricky obstacles. Combining the wishes with the possibilities of the plot resulted in a house that fits the needs of the client like a tailor-made suit.

Formani reference project - Villa 't Gooi
Photography by Merijn Roest & Peter Baas

Firm luxury

The mansion was designed with natural and bold materials. The matte black door fittings combined with white, wooden doors gives the entrance to the dining room at the front of the mansion a luxury yet rustic look.

The rugged character of the TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum series in satin black is found throughout the house. These are sturdy door handles that connect different materials and spaces.


Black door handle on shield
BB104 lever handle on plate satin black
Kitchen reference project Villa 't Gooi
Black door handle on rose
Black pull handle
Black cabinet knobs
Black pull handle
Black door handle on rose
BB100 lever handle on rose satin black

Architectural art

The stunning view at the back of the mansion played an important role in its interior design. This is where the living room and kitchen are located. While the thatched roof creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the fireplace in the beautiful wall unit in the kitchen creates cosiness indoors.

Wine and wood are the basis for the wine cellar and attached tasting room in the basement. The walnut wood seen in the kitchen is also used here. Together with the sleek handles of the bar it creates a contemporary and warm look

This mansion in Laren fits the client needs like a modern, tailor-made suit. The perfect cut, traditional craftsmanship, and contemporary character.

Photography by Merijn Roest and Peter Baas

Formani reference design project Villa 't gooi
Black door handle on rose - Formani

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Villa 't Gooi reference project Formani
Lever handle on rose satin black
BB105 lever handle on rose satin black

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