An enchanting residence

This charming villa is located in the green and spacious surroundings of the authentic city Groningen. The influences of the surroundings are incorporated into the interior and exterior design of this warm villa: the wooden beams, original walls, natural materials and stone floor reflect a true understanding of the environment and a reflection of the past.  

Interior design - Foramani reference design project - Villa Groningen
Photography by Tijmen Ballieux

Details and accessories

The details and accessories, such as, the terracotta pot, indoor plants and the calm colour palette reinforce this feeling. Yet, the modern elements, like the black table and modern lightening, add a modern touch to this characteristic ambience. Our RIBBON by Bob Manders series are applied in satin stainless steel on the light oak wooden doors, and create the perfect balance between the characteristic and new, innovative elements. The RIBBON by Bob Manders exudes the design philosophy of this house. 

Ribbon by Bob Manders in satin stainless steel
Living room - interior design reference project villa Groningen - Formani
Satin stainless steel door handle
BM100 satin stainless steel

Find out more about our hardware series. 
The RIBBON hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.
Would you like to find out more about our hardware series? Request our catalogue or take a look at the collection page. 

Formani Ribbon by Bob Manders door handle
Interior design reference project Groningen Villa
satin stainless steel door handle
Kitchen - Groningen Villa - Formani reference project
Door handle satin stainless steel
Interior design reference project Villa Groningen - Formani
Satin stainless steel door handle

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