dawson Apartment

Redefining Minimalism in Modern Living

The Dawson Apartment project, crafted by TE-EL, stands as a testament to the power of minimalistic design merged with natural aesthetics. Nestled in the southwestern fringe of central Singapore, this space was transformed to cater to the lifestyle of a young, design-conscious couple. The primary objective was to create a minimal, fuss-free environment that resonates with the client’s industrial design background and love for textures and natural materials. This approach aimed to redefine the living space into something both functional and artistically pleasing, mirroring the couple’s unique tastes and requirements.

Formani project references - Dawson Apartment
luxury cabinet handles in satin black

Embracing Warm Monochromatic Interiors 

The design narrative of this sophisticated abode is centered around warm-toned lime-based plaster, yielding a uniform and expansive appearance across walls, floors, and ceilings. This singular color and texture strategy enhances spatial perception, while the handcrafted plaster texture introduces a tactile, inviting feel. The warm monochromatic palette not only amplifies the inherent beauty of natural materials but also underscores the design's simplicity, making it a perfect canvas for architectural creativity.

Formani reference design project - Dawson apartment, Singapore
cabinet handle satin black

The touch of elegance and luxury

In the creation of this open-plan living space, meticulous attention to detail was paramount. The spacious layout, designed to accommodate large gatherings, also ensures a cozy and intimate ambiance. An important detail in this design is the subtle integration of FORMANI door hardware, particularly from our renowned ONE by Piet Boon collection. These door handles, while serving a functional purpose, also contribute to the overall aesthetic, seamlessly blending with the minimalist theme. Their understated presence in the space, characterized by the distinct T-shape, adds a touch of sophistication, harmonizing with natural elements like timber, linen, wool, and stones.

Photography by Studio Periphery

monochromatic interior design
cabinet knobs in satin black
ONE by Piet Boon handle in T-shape
PBT20 satin black

Find out more about our ONE hardware series.
The ONE hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories. Each piece is crafted to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of modern living spaces.
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bathroom door hardware in satin black
single-color interior design
door handle ONE by Piet Boon in T-shape
singular palette in interior design
luxury interior

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