Formani reference - beach villa bonaire
Photography by Gaelle le Boulicaut

Beach villa

Luxurious Beach Villa in Bonaire

Situated on a steep plot between the street and the sea on the island of Bonaire, the design for this villa uses the natural level difference in the plot as part of the design identity. The Beach Villa is a project by Studio Piet Boon, globally operating exterior, interior and product design studio recognized for crafting the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The full reference project can be viewed here

Interior and architecture design

Along the street side a modest one-story structure opens up to expose two stories opening to the sea. The two floor home is designed with a mix of a traditional and modern touches in the interior design, with a wooden sloping roof for the main volume and sleek and straight shapes with flat roofs that reach out to the outdoor spaces. The terraces are for the most part covered and under the same roof as the interior, so that inside and outside are strongly connected. Wooden decks connect the house with the pier extending the connection to the sea.

Photography by Gaëlle Le Boulicaut

Architectural hardware

The FORMANI ONE door handles by Piet Boon in PVD satin stainless steel are added to complete the design on the in- and outside of the villa. For beach villa designs we recommend to choose hardware with a PVD finish. The PVD layer ensures that our hardware is more resistant to external influences, such as weather, coastal conditions, corrosion etc. For more information about a PVD finish click here

The ONE hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories. Would you like to find out more about our hardware series? Request our catalogue or take a look at the collection page.  

front door hardware
PBT20XL door handle on security plate
Mosaic portret
Front door hardware pvd satin stainless steel
reference project formani beach villa Bonaire

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