PVD Coating

for architectural hardware

When to opt for PVD coated architectural hardware

When choosing architectural hardware, such as lever handles or other door fittings, window fittings, and furniture fittings, it is good to take various factors into account. In addition to selecting the design in the right colour, you can also opt for a PVD coating. But what exactly does this entail and when should you choose a PVD coating? We're going to tell you all about it.

PVD coating for architectural hardware

Physical Vapour Deposition

PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. During the PVD coating process, a top layer is applied over the base material (stainless steel) of our products by evaporation at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. The PVD finish is ultra-thin but also extremely strong, which results in a top layer that is much harder than the substrate. The PVD layer ensures that our hardware is more resistant to external influences, such as weather, coastal conditions, corrosion, acidity from hands, etc. The top benefits of the PVD finish are:

  • PVD coating extends the lifespan of architectural hardware
    Due to the extremely strong PVD top layer, fittings, such as door handles, are highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear. As a result, the quality is increased and the products have a longer lifespan. The strong PVD finish is also more resistant to scratches, although it must be said that no mechanisms, including lever handles, are completely scratch-resistant in the long term.
  • PVD coating is weather and wind resistant
    Architectural hardware for front doors, garden doors, or other exterior doors, is exposed to different weather conditions, such as UV rays, rain, and salty air. The PVD finish protects the product against these influences and, although no product is completely maintenance-free, the coating ensures less maintenance. Together, this results in an extended life span.
  • The PVD coating process is sustainable and environmentally friendly
    In addition to the durable quality of the end product, the PVD process is more environmentally friendly than alternative coating processes. No harmful gases or other substances are released and there is no waste. The process does not affect the recycling value of the stainless-steel base material.

PVD colour options

The PVD coating technique has been used for some time now. While a limited range of colours is available, coloured PVD is now widely used in the world of architecture and interior design. The colours include PVD satin black, PVD gunmetal, PVD satin gold, and PVD copper. This coating is also available in PVD satin stainless steel with the same colour and look as stainless steel with a hard top layer of PVD. For more information about the PVD colour options visit our finish chart.

PVD satin black
Black door fittings, window fittings, and furniture fittings are very popular. Black door fittings are frequently seen in a range of interior and exterior styles. These black fittings are often used for interior doors, but it has also become trendy to use them for exterior doors. However, black finish is not that easily applied, so we have happily been kept very busy with the growing demand for these black fittings. We have worked hard on the latest PVD coating techniques to improve the quality of the black finish.

Our latest innovation is the state-of-the-art PVD satin black finish. Normally a PVD coating gives a slightly glossy layer and does not reach the colour beyond an anthracite level (PVD gunmetal). However, we have succeeded in developing a technique that allows us to create a unique, deep black colour with the original brushing of the stainless-steel base surface still visible, thanks to an extremely thin but super hard PVD coating. This is the first PVD coating with such an intense black colour. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.

The FORMANI INC, ARC and ONE series by Piet Boon are already available in our latest finish PVD satin black.

Black door handle for outside
High quality black door handle

Need PVD door fittings?
The PVD technology represents an enormous leap forward in terms of quality, eliminating many problems. This goes hand in hand with a slightly higher price. However, the price-quality ratio is significantly improved due to the extended lifespan.

Whether PVD coating for door fittings, window fittings, or furniture fittings is the best choice often depends on the project. For outdoor use, we generally recommend PVD coating, especially when the fittings are used in architecture or interior projects on the coast. This also applies to projects in which the fittings are frequently touched, such as healthcare, hospitality, and utility projects.

Take a look at all our PVD finishes
Would you like to find out more about our PVD finishes? In our 583-inspiration book and catalogue in one perfectly points out which PVD finish is available for which products. We would love to share this with you!

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door handle PVD satin black
PVD satin black
Door handle PVD satin gold
PVD satin gold
Door handle PVD bronze
PVD bronze

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