Gallerist`s apartment

Transformative Elegance in Kyiv 

The Gallerist's Apartment project, masterminded by Rina Lovko Studio, entailed the transformation of a central Kyiv apartment into a dual-purpose residence for a gallerist. This ambitious project aimed to strike a balance between a functional living space and an elegant backdrop for art expositions. Given the owner's partial residency, the design needed to accommodate both a comfortable living area and an efficient workspace, complete with a functional kitchen, dressing area, and a bespoke bathroom in the master bedroom.

Formani reference design project - Gallerist`s apartment
Door handle on rose PVD satin black
PBA 200V PVD satin black

Crafting the Monochromatic Aesthetic

Anchored in a monochromatic palette, predominantly featuring different grey tones, the design embodies a masculine aesthetic. This deliberate choice not only adds a contemporary touch but also serves as a neutral canvas for the displayed artworks. Integral to this design is the carefully selected door hardware, which provides a striking accent within the monochrome theme. FORMANI door hardware, in PVD satin black, echoes the elegance of the matt black shower mixers and faucets, creating a cohesive visual experience. The adaptability of this color scheme is key; the ambiance of the space can be effortlessly transformed with the introduction of new focal points, accessories, and an evolving collection of artworks by various artists. 

Efficiency Meets Artistic Flair

At the core of the apartment's design lies a cleverly thought-out spatial concept. The apartment is strategically divided into distinct zones - an entrance area, a combined living room-kitchen, and a private bedroom with an open wardrobe. The ingenious use of a sliding bedroom door exemplifies the studio's commitment to efficient space utilization. Enhancing this thoughtful layout is the inclusion out ARC by Piet Boon door handle in T-shape, which not only complements the overall aesthetic but also underscores the importance of detail in design.
Door handle on rose PVD satin black
PBA 200V PVD satin black
Interior design FORMANI reference project - Gallerist`s apartment
Photography by Yevhenii Avramenko
luxury doorhardware
PBA 200V PVD satin black

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bathroom hardware
Formani reference project interior design by Rina Lovko
Monochrome interior design
Monochrome interior design FORMANI
T-shape door handle PVD satin black - Formani

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