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Elevating your space with matte black hardware accents

Black door, window, and furniture fittings, both in exquisite PVD and intense powder coated matte finishes, are experiencing soaring demand. The allure of the stylish black finish has seamlessly woven itself into diverse interior and exterior styles, establishing a pervasive presence. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with various color palettes and materials, while simultaneously making a bold statement, has solidified black door hardware's place as a classic and versatile element of any building.

Best black hardware for modern homes
DR100 PVD satin black

Why is black door hardware so popular?

In the dynamic world of interior design, trends may come and go, but door hardware in satin black stand strong against the test of time. It complements a wide range of interior and exterior styles, from minimalism to industrial chic and everything in between. Moreover, the neutrality of black allows it to seamlessly integrate with both warm and cool tones, making it a universal choice. Over the past few years, we've been hard at work to meet this growing trend head-on. We have directed our attention towards the advancement of state-of-the-art methods aimed at elevating the quality of black finishes. Consequently, FORMANI's black hardware is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and hard-wearing, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Comparing Different Finishes in Black Door Hardware:

When it comes to black door hardware finishes, two prominent contenders are powder coating and a PVD finishing. Powder coating involves applying dry powder electrostatically and heating it to create a smooth, matte black finish, offering a wide range of color intensity options. On the other hand, the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technique vaporizes metal ions onto the hardware's surface, forming a super strong and smooth, durable coating with exceptional resistance to wear, scratches, and corrosion. 

Comparing different finishes in black home hardware
PBT 20/50 satin black
Installing and maintaining black cabinet hardware
PBI 101 PVD satin black

How to choose black door hardware for modern interiors and exteriors

Black door hardware stands as a versatile choice for both interior and exterior designs. Whether you're transforming your home's interiors, embarking on hospitality projects, enhancing commercial spaces, or delving into various design ventures, choosing the right black door hardware requires careful consideration of the following essential steps:

1.Define Your Style: set the tone for black hardware 

Defining your design style is pivotal in selecting black door hardware for modern interiors and exteriors. For minimalism, opt for sleek matte black door handles that seamlessly blend with clean lines. Industrial chic thrives with textured black hardware, elevating the rugged ambiance. In modern fusion spaces, choose handles that bridge contemporary and traditional aesthetics. Glossy black finishes enhance contemporary elegance, while black hardware with mixed lines suits transitional charm.  FORMANI offers a diverse range of 14 collections available in satin and matte black, ensuring that you can find the perfect match for your chosen style. 

2. Check the Application: consider the space

Consider where the black door hardware will be applied. Are you looking for handles and locks for interior doors, or are you focused on exterior doors? Each application may have specific functional requirements and environmental considerations. For interior spaces, prioritize design aesthetics and ergonomics that match your style, with matte black finishes offering a modern touch. However, for exterior doors, particularly those exposed to various weather conditions, we recommend choosing black door hardware in PVD satin black. This specialized finish ensures durability against the elements, including harsh weather, UV rays, and corrosion, maintaining both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Best black hardware for modern homes
BB100 satin black
Exploring the durability of black metal hardware
GL101 PVD satin black

3. Choose the Right Finish: achieve the desired look

FORMANI’s color palette contains two types of black hardware finishes: powder coated satin black and PVD satin black. Our powder-coated satin black has a super matte and deep black color tone, while the surface of our PVD hardware is more smooth, but still reaches the desired strong black shade with a satin look and feel. In addition to these finishes, our BASICS is also available in PVD gunmetal, which offers a very dark anthracite shade that is almost indistinguishable from black.

4. Check the Availability of Finishes: ensure a comprehensive Selection

Before finalizing your choice, ensure that the chosen finish is readily available for all hardware types you need. FORMANI's comprehensive approach in black hardware offers a total concepts that spans across door handles, locksets, knobs, pulls, kitchenware, bathroom accessories  and other hardware elements that you might intend to incorporate.

* Please note that the available finishes and colour sets may vary according to the product, collection, and model.

Stylish and functional: Choosing black hardware for doors
PBL20XL satin black
Achieving a cohesive look with black interior hardware
GL101 PVD satin black
How to choose black door hardware for your home
LB2 PVD gunmetal

In conclusion: Timeless allure of black hardware stands strong, harmonizing eras and styles. Its adaptability to colors and materials, establishes black fittings as interior and exterior essentials. From industrial to warm décors, its versatility effortlessly enhances diverse aesthetics. Black's enduring popularity, neutrality, and durability drive its prominence. FORMANI's collections offer a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories. Would you like to find out more about our products and our black finishes?  

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