south coast Villa portugal

A sustainable holliday villa

The owners of this beautiful, sustainably designed holiday villa in southern Portugal lead busy lives. Studio Piet Boon ensured a subdued color palette that creates a calming, relaxing mood, while also prioritizing sustainable materials that become more beautiful over time. The use of durable materials with a long lifespan reduces the need for frequent replacements and aligns perfectly with sustainable living principles.

Formani design reference project -Villa South Coast Portugal
Photography by Richard Powers

A feminine touch

The owner's penchant for luxury and details is reflected throughout the villa, which carries a distinctly feminine touch. To create a serene, sustainable atmosphere, Studio Piet Boon chose sand-colored accessories and textiles in tone-on-tone groupings, opting for long-lasting fabrics like fine linen that grow more appealing with use.

Formani reference design project - Villa South Coast Portugal - Living room

Summer Feeling 

Studio Piet Boon emphasized the summer feeling by opting for transparent curtains that gently ripple when the wind blows. As this is a holiday home, the experience is different to a primary residence: you spend more time outdoors yet expect the same comfort as inside.

This is why they created an abundance of places to rest, sunbath and eat – including an outdoor spot with an open fireplace. The villa's integration of local natural stone inside and out creates harmony with the environment while reducing its carbon footprint.

FORMANI ONE by Piet Boon hardware series

The ONE hardware series by Piet Boon in satin stainless steel has been incorporated to elevate the villa's design both inside and out. This collection, crafted from high-quality recycled stainless steel, features rosettes shaped through a hot forging method that repurposes industrial scrap waste from handle production. This innovative design has earned it the number two spot on our list of the top seven sustainable door handles. The efficient process minimizes waste and highlights sustainability, aligning perfectly with the villa's eco-friendly ethos. For details on our top seven environmentally-friendly door handles, click here.

Photography by Richard Powers 

Formani ONE by Piet Boon T-door handle on rose satin stainless steel
PBT20-50 door handle on rose (T-shape)
Formani reference design project - South Coast Villa Portugal - Bathroom
Formani ONE T-shaped door handle by Piet Boon

Find out more about our ONE hardware series.
The ONE hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.
Would you like to find out more about our hardware series? Request our catalogue or take a look at the collection page.  

Formani reference design project - South Coast Villa Portugal - Exterior
Formani reference design project - South Coast Villa - Bathroom
Formani Reference design project - South Coast Villa Portugal
Formani Reference design project - South Coast Villa- Interior Bedroom
Formani reference design project - South Coast Villa - Exterior
Formani reference design project- South Coast Villa - dining room
Formani reference design project -South Coast Villa - bathroom

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