Timeless interior design: blending classic and
contemporary interiors

Door Hardware in Timeless Spaces

In a world where design trends change and evolve with every season, the timeless interior trend remains almost unchanged and enduring. It's a style that combines the classic with the contemporary and derives its strength from simplicity, elegance, and attention to detail. But what truly anchors an interior’s timelessness, and what are the characteristic features of timeless details, such as door hardware?

Timeless interior style
Photography by Tom Kurek

Exploring Timeless Interiors

Timeless interiors stand strong against the shifting winds of passing trends. They embrace a deep connection, skillfully mixing the beauty of classic allure with fresh, modern details. This design philosophy delves deeper than just appearances; values balance and symmetry in every detail. It's a style that seamlessly merges the treasured moments of the past with the vibrant ideas of today, crafting spaces that are cherished now and for generations to come.

A tapestry of materials and the symphony of shades

The hallmark of timeless interior design lies not only in overarching themes but also in the meticulous selection of materials and colors. Natural yet high-quality materials and simple colors form the foundation of timeless design. Think of materials like wood with rich grains and textures, or the light, airy feel of pine. Stone, whether it's marble, granite, or slate, adds a touch of grandeur. The cool, polished surfaces exude luxury while maintaining a connection to the earth. Metals like brass, copper, and nickel also bring a blend of rustic and refined. Their glossy surfaces can be used to introduce accents, from doorknobs to lighting fixtures, adding both function and flair.

The color palette in timeless interiors primarily revolves around neutral shades. These create a serene and tranquil foundation. Soft whites and earthy tones form a canvas upon which other colors can be applied. Shades of gray, ranging from pale silver to deep charcoal, add depth and sophistication. However, timeless design is not devoid of color. Subtle accents in, for example, muted blue, earthy green, or warmer tones like deep burgundy, can be added for warmth and character.

No matter how essential these elements may be, it's the refined details that truly embody the essence of timeless design. Think of subtle moldings, cornices, and the finish and feel of door handles and knobs. The perfect door handle, for instance, doesn't just complement the design but elevates it, underscoring the importance of a careful selection of these seemingly minor components.

timeless interior door hardware
FERROVIA by Formani
door hardware for a timeless interior
FERROVIA by Formani

Significance of Door Hardware in Timeless Design

Door hardware plays a pivotal role in timeless interior design. It acts as the final brushstroke, seamlessly connecting spaces within a home. Our TIMELESS collection is a shining example of this understanding. As its name suggests, this collection captures the essence of designs from years past. Its designs are simple, yet they exude a classic touch that resonates deeply with aficionados of both classical and contemporary décor. Adapting beautifully to modern interiors, each model in this collection holds a unique story, as they are named after the year in which they were fashioned.

Venturing further, our FERROVIA collection offers a journey back to the railways of the early twentieth century. A style reminiscent of first-class train carriages, it stands as a beacon of understated timeless luxury. Parallelly, the "BOSCO by Lázaro Rosa-Violán" collection elegantly fuses classic design with modern functionality. The memory of historic knives, where traditional stainless steel met with striking black handles, is echoed here. Moreover, with a marble finish option, it seamlessly fits the paradigm of timeless design like we mentioned earlier. 

Yet, Formani's embrace of timeless design isn’t confined to classical inspirations. The more modern collections, like "INC", "ARC", "ONE", "ECLIPSE", "NOUR" and "RIVIO", exhibit this philosophy. Crafted with precision, they strike a balance between today and tomorrow. Minimalistic, sleek, and symmetrical, they are a testament to how contemporary designs can harmoniously coexist within a timeless design.

Learn more about our door hardware for timeless interiors in this article.

But it's not just about the design; the finishing of our collections above touches matter too. For our TIMELESS and BOSCO collections, two finishes notably stand out: brass and nickel. Brass brings a warmth and lustrous elegance, effortlessly aligning with the timeless design aesthetic. Nickel offers a touch of modernity in both satin and bright nickel. Moreover, we also notice an increasing trend in timeless design with accents of black and bronze, which can also be seen in our more modern hardware collections we mentioned earlier.

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TIMELESS by Formani door handle for a timeless interior
TIMELESS by Formani
TIMELESS by Formani doorhandle for a timeless interior
TIMELESS by Formani


Timeless interior design masterfully merges classic elegance with modern sophistication. Central to this style is the deliberate choice of materials, colors, and intricate details like door hardware. While design trends evolve, the essence of timelessness remains anchored in these careful selections, ensuring interiors are both enduring and ever-enchanting. 

Interested in diving deeper into our hardware selections that harmonize with this aesthetic? Discover the timeless hardware trends, our nickel hardware for timeless interiors and our brass door hardware.

INC by Piet Boon door handle for a timeless interior
INC by Piet Boon door handle for a timeless interior
INC by Piet Boon door handle for a timeless interior

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