9 door handles for a timeless interior

Crafting timeless appeal with these 9 door hardware collections

The essence of timeless design in interior spaces is endlessly fascinating. It carries a unique blend that enables rooms to remain classic and appealing across years. Often, it's the intricate details that embed this enduring charm within spaces. Among such details, door handles are notable. They serve not only a practical role but also play a part in defining the room's style and character. At Formani we have various collections that fit within a timeless interior. Here are our top 9 picks for timeless door handles, though your choice may vary depending on your personal style preferences and taste. Explore our complete collection of door hardware to discover all our timeless door handle options.

1. TIMELESS by Formani

The TIMELESS collection, as the name suggests, effortlessly bridges past elegance with contemporary appeal. The 1934 and 1938 models are particularly striking, capturing the essence of design eras gone by while remaining relevant in today's settings. What truly enables these door handles to fit seamlessly into a timeless interior are their finishes: the warm glow of brass and the sophisticated sheen of nickel. Beyond their functionality, these handles exemplify a period when attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship were paramount. Their subtle curves and intricate designs ensure adaptability, making them apt for a range of settings - from classic vintage homes to sleek, modern spaces. This door hardware brings a touch of timeless elegance wherever it's placed.

Formani TIMELESS door hardware for timeless interiors
Formani BOSCO by Lázaro Rosa-Violán door hardware for timeless interiors

2. BOSCO by Lázaro Rosa-Violán

The BOSCO collection by Lázaro Rosa-Violán is a masterclass in blending nature's serenity with modern design, making it a favorite for timeless interiors. Not only do these door handles shine with finishes in brass and nickel, but they also echo the elegance of historic knives, where traditional stainless steel met striking black handles. This collection further stands out with its marble finish option, effortlessly fitting the timeless design mold. Marrying classic design cues with modern functionality, BOSCO handles add both warmth and sophisticated charm to any space.

3. FERROVIA by Formani

The FERROVIA collection, with its roots in the industrial age, offers a timeless appeal that effortlessly complements enduring interior designs. Particularly, the L and T-shape door hardware, influenced by the streamlined efficiency of classic train tracks, have forms that are both historic and modern. Their satin or polished stainless steel finish not only lends a contemporary gleam but also harmonizes with a variety of interior palettes, making them a versatile choice for timeless interiors. Their shape and finish together create a perfect blend, marrying past inspirations with today's design sensibilities. When design seeks to bridge eras, embracing both legacy and current trends, FERROVIA stands out as a collection that truly captures the essence of timelessness in form and finish.

Formani FERROVIA door hardware for timeless interiors
Formani ONE by Piet Boon door hardware for timeless interiors

4. ONE by Piet Boon

Minimalism speaks volumes when executed correctly, as showcased by Piet Boon's ONE collection. This 'timeless' door hardware integrates seamlessly with both modern and classic interiors. ONE, the modern counterpart to FERROVIA, is distinguished by its L, T, round, and cylindrical shapes. Its minimal, sleek design demonstrates how modern elements complement timeless aesthetics. We notice an increasing trend in timeless design with accents of black and bronze, which is also reflected in our ONE collection. Available in rich bronze and intense black finishes, these door handles remove the unnecessary, focusing solely on form and function. They fit seamlessly into a range of interiors, from sleek, minimalist spaces to timeless environments, always adding and never distracting.

5. INC by Piet Boon

An embodiment of subtle sophistication, the INC by Piet Boon collection adds a touch of refined luxury to any timeless interior. Crafted with precision, this collection is defined by its soft geometric lines and understated elegance. The beautiful interplay of matte brushed and PVD finishes, coupled with its sleek, streamlined design, places INC as a frontrunner in the world of timeless door hardware. Available in subtle hues of satin stainless steel and PVD black, these handles seamlessly blend with both contemporary and classic interiors. The INC collection, with its combination of modern simplicity and traditional craftsmanship, illustrates how understated details can add layers of richness and depth to any space.

Formani INC by Piet Boon door hardware for timeless interiors
Formani ARC by Piet Boon door hardware for timeless interiors

6. ARC by Piet Boon

Harmony and balance are central to Piet Boon's ARC collection. Inspired by the graceful curve of the arch, these door handles reflect the perfection of symmetry. Although the design feels modern, it has a timeless quality, allowing it to stand the test of time. With finishes ranging from deep PVD satin black to cool stain stainless steel, the ARC door handles reflect a sense of eternal elegance. Their curvature and shine bring life to spaces, making them a favorite among designers trying to combine traditional charm with modern aesthetics. With ARC you get a tangible work of art that adds a sense of fluidity and timeless beauty to any room.

7. ECLIPSE by David Rockwell

Inspired by celestial wonders, David Rockwell's ECLIPSE collection exudes an ethereal charm. The design, reminiscent of a solar eclipse, perfectly reflects the idea of eternal beauty. With finishes in satin stainless steel, bronze and PVD satin black, the door hardware from this collection can easily transition from classic to contemporary environments. Their round shape, complemented by a central identification, captures the magic of fleeting moments in time, making ECLIPSE a perfect fit for timeless interiors.

Formani ECLIPSE by David Rockwell door hardware for timeless interiors
Formani RIVIO by Gensler door hardware for timeless interiors

8. RIVIO by Gensler

With a nod to the elegance of streamlined designs and precise craftsmanship, Gensler's RIVIO collection captures the essence of movement and time. The door handles in this collection feature a mix of wavy shapes and straight lines, portraying an abstract take on modern art. Available in finishes such as satin stainless steel, PVD satin black, PVD satin gold and bronze, these handles exude sophistication. Their versatile design ensures that RIVIO fits seamlessly into both contemporary and vintage environments. This collection is a testament to Gensler's commitment to creating timeless pieces, making it a sought-after choice for interiors that desire a touch of refined charm.

9. NOUR by Edward van Vliet

The NOUR collection seamlessly blends traditional elegance with modern sensibilities. Available in both L-shaped and T-shaped door handles, this refined design adds significant impact to timeless doors, windows, and cabinets. In particular, the T-shaped door handle makes a statement in interior design, thanks to its timeless available colors: satin black, PVD satin gold, and polished stainless steel. These finishes ensure that the NOUR handles can effortlessly integrate into a variety of interiors, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Their balanced design and exceptional finishing quality make them a sought-after choice for those looking to infuse their spaces with luxurious charm.

Formani NOUR by Edward van Vliet door hardware for timeless interiors


The beauty of a timeless interior lies in the details. Whether you are drawn to the vintage charm of the TIMELESS collection or more to the natural flow of RIVIO, Formani has a door handle to match every timeless design vision. Each collection offers a unique narrative, allowing designers to craft spaces that resonate with lasting appeal. 

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