Bronze door hardware

A matte finish for a modern or classic design

As the demand for upscale black door hardware continues to climb, there's a parallel surge in the popularity of satin bronze fittings for doors, windows, and furniture. This trend has not gone unnoticed, capturing the attention of both designers and homeowners alike. The unique combination of deep, rich, yet earthy color tones is an ideal complement to modern, high-end interiors. An essential, versatile, and distinctive color that is indispensable in our color palette.

RIVIO GL100-G bronze
GL100-G bronze

What makes our bronze door hardware finish so popular?

In the swiftly evolving realm of interior design and architecture, trends shift over time. Following the timeless stainless steel hue, the black variant for door, window, and furniture hardware has also earned its place and proven its enduring value. Our matte bronze finish accompanies its darker, more robust black counterpart. Bronze carries a dark yet slightly softer character, and it's precisely this inherent neutrality of bronze that allows it to seamlessly integrate into both warm and cool color palettes, making it a universally adaptable choice. It harmonizes effortlessly with a wide range of interior and exterior aesthetics, ranging from minimalist to industrial chic and everything in between.

Our satin bronze powder coated door hardware finish

Our exclusive satin bronze finish is the outcome of a robust powder coating procedure, showcasing a distinctive touch through the infusion of delicate stainless steel glimmers, subtly emerging within the bronze coating. Employing a dry finishing technique, this method involves the meticulous application of a fine powder blend comprising pigments, resins, and complementary additives onto the intended surface. This powder, carrying an electrostatic charge, is expertly sprayed, fostering a resilient bond that, under the influence of controlled heat, undergoes a curing process. This meticulous orchestration culminates in a finish that boasts both remarkable durability and a flawlessly sleek appearance for door handles and other architectural hardware and accessories. 

Explore further insights into our powder coating technique on this dedicated page.

Distinctive in its hue, this unique shade offers exceptional aesthetics, while the matte texture thoughtfully diminishes the visibility of fingerprints and surface reflections on the door handle. This harmonious amalgamation of technical excellence and aesthetic sophistication epitomizes the essence of our satin bronze finish.

Basics door handle bronze
PBT15XL/50 bronze
Door handle basics in bronze
PBL20XL/50 bronze

For what interior styles?

The allure of our satin bronze door hardware extends its embrace to a diverse spectrum of interior styles. Modern design styles finds an ideal companion in the deep, but natural shade of satin bronze. And even though the finish has the modern matte look, it also gracefully transcends into the realm of the classic design, harmonizing with timeless elegance and traditional motifs. Its inherent neutrality allows it to effortlessly integrate into warm and cool color palettes, making it a versatile choice for interior styles ranging from minimalist and industrial chic to the comforting embrace of more intricate and ornate décors. Whether your space resonates with modern sensibilities or pays homage to heritage, our satin bronze concepts for architectural hardware (door handles, window handles, furniture handles and knobs, front door knobs and more) finds its place as an indispensable element, offering both aesthetic finesse and functional excellence.

What door hardware collections are available in this bronze finish (and why these)?

When selecting the finishes that are applied as standard to our extensive concept collections, both style and applicability take center stage in our decision-making process. In response to the growing demand for the exquisite bronze finish, we have carefully expanded our collections to include this bronze finish to door handles and complementary products like furniture knobs and pull handles, window handles and espagnolette bolts, hinges, front door knobs and bell pushes and more. This finish is readily available as a standard option in the following collections:

  • ONE by Piet Boon: This collection reflects a harmonious fusion of timeless aesthetics and functional design. The matte bronze finish adds a new dimension of depth and refinement to the minimalist yet luxurious allure of the ONE collection.
  • TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum: The Tense collection embraces a daring and contemporary design concept. The matte bronze finish introduces an intriguing texture and warmth to the clean lines and distinct forms of this collection, creating a captivating visual balance.
  • ECLIPSE by David Rockwell: The ECLIPSE collection is synonymous with sophistication and versatility. The matte bronze finish amplifies the organic shapes and refined finesse of the ECLIPSE pieces, evoking a sense of timeless modernity.
  • BOBBY by Eric Kuster: The BOBBY collection exudes lavish grandeur and bold extravagance. The addition of the matte bronze finish imparts a distinguished sheen to the powerful and opulent design elements of the BOBBY pieces, resulting in a harmonious fusion of luxury and refinement.​​​​​​​
  • RIVIO by Product Design Consultant Gensler: The Rivio collection embodies modern simplicity and functional beauty. The matte bronze finish emphasizes the clean lines and timeless simplicity of the Rivio pieces, creating an atmosphere of contemporary elegance that seamlessly aligns with various interior styles.​​​​​​​
  • BASICS by FORMANI: The timeless "Basics" collection encapsulates the essence of versatility and effortlessly adapts to diverse interior styles. With the matte bronze finish, these foundational pieces receive a touch of refinement and a contemporary flair, making them an indispensable addition to both modern and classic designs, catering to every budget.

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RVIO GL100-G bronze
GL100-G bronze
ECLIPSE DR100 bronze
DR100 bronze
ONE PBL20XL/50 bronze
PBL20XL/50 bronze
TENSE BB100 bronze
BB100 bronze
BOBBY EK100 bronze
EK100 bronze

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