Nickel Hardware for Modern Interiors

The Timeless Appeal

For architects and interior designers, decisions on materials and finishes carry significant weight. In the fluctuating world of design, the enduring elegance of nickel hardware remains unmatched. Tracing back to its historical significance in architecture and its prominent role in contemporary settings, the versatility of nickel is indisputably profound. At the forefront of design evolution, FORMANI recognizes and champions this perpetual charm. With a meticulous eye for detail, the allure of our nickel door hardware shines brilliantly, capturing the essence of timeless elegance.

Nickel Hardware for Modern Interiors

The Trend on Nickel Hardware

Nickel finish in door hardware epitomizes a blend of timeless beauty and functional elegance. Rooted deeply in design history, nickel's storied trajectory spans from the dazzling aesthetics of the Art Deco era to its pivotal role in mid-century designs, emphasizing its adaptability and perennial charm. 

Today's door hardware design world witnesses a revival of this classic finish, a sentiment resoundingly mirrored in our TIMELESS by FORMANI collection. Constructed from a resilient bronze base, we employ specialized techniques to achieve a spectrum of finishes: polished, satin, and PVD nickel. This meticulous approach reflects FORMANI's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, ensuring architects and interior designers are equipped with door and window handles, cabinet knobs and pulls and other hardware accessories, that perfectly fuses ageless allure with contemporary functionality.

When it comes to choosing door hardware in nickel finishes for interior design, it's essential to understand the differences between polished (bright), satin, and PVD nickel to make an informed decision. Each finish offers its own unique aesthetic and functional advantages, making them suitable for different environments and design preferences. Let's delve into the characteristics and applications of each:

The Galvanic Process: Bringing Satin and Bright Nickel to Life

Central to the creation of both satin and bright nickel finishes for door hardware is the intricate galvanic process. This electroplating method infuses a base material with a thin layer of nickel, thereby enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability.

polished (bright) nickel door hardware
1934GRR50 in bright nickel
satin nickel door hardware
1934GRR50 in satin nickel

Polished (Bright) Nickel: 

Polished nickel door hardware boasts a shiny, mirror-like finish, radiating luxury and elegance with its bright reflection that beautifully amplifies light, adding a touch of glamour.Perfect for spaces yearning for sophistication and classic charm, such as luxury bathrooms, opulent kitchens, or elegant living rooms, its reflective surface enhances the ambiance, making spaces feel more open and expansive.

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Satin Nickel: 

Satin nickel door hardware exudes a profound sense of authenticity, reminiscent of the enchanting 1930s era. Its gentle matte finish, infused with a touch of subtle sheen, epitomizes an elegant yet understated charm. More than just a hardware choice, it's a nod to a time when style met simplicity, offering that beautifully metallic but undeniably warm look. Perfect for spaces aiming to capture a nostalgic atmosphere, it brings a sense of history and character, from chic lounges to intimate boudoirs. Beyond its rich aesthetic, satin nickel is practical, gracefully masking fingerprints for effortless upkeep. Its soft luminosity bathes spaces in a cozy, welcoming glow, making every room feel like a timeless retreat.

30s interior with timeless hardware

A Special Finish: PVD Satin Nickel (Physical Vapor Deposition)

While the galvanic process works wonders for satin and bright nickel door hardware, at FORMANI, we've taken innovation a step further with the PVD finish. PVD satin nickel, fusing the aesthetics of its counterparts, stands out primarily for its enhanced durability. The PVD technique deposits a thin molecular layer on the hardware, fortifying its resistance to wear and tear. This makes it the top choice for high-traffic zones like bustling kitchens, public restrooms, or commercial locales. Not only does it resist corrosion, tarnish, and scratches, but its ambiance, influenced by the underlying finish, consistently delivers a luxurious appearance fused with unmatched practicality.

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In conclusion, nickel hardware is more than just a design choice. It’s a testament to the timelessness of good taste and the fusion of durability with aesthetics. As modern interiors evolve, the role of hardware becomes increasingly pivotal, and nickel stands out as a front-runner in this journey. The galvanic process enriches its allure, while the innovative PVD technique amplifies durability. FORMANI's TIMELESS collection captures this essence, offering a tribute to nickel's adaptability and enduring beauty. As trends evolve, nickel's consistent appeal is a testament to its timeless elegance, and with our collection, we aim to bring its unparalleled charm to the forefront of modern design.

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