Six door handles for a High-End interior 

Elevate Your Interior with These 6 Exquisite Door Handle Collections

When it comes to crafting a high-end interior, every detail matters. From the choice of materials to the arrangement of furniture, each element contributes to the overall ambiance. One often overlooked yet essential aspect is the selection of door handles. These seemingly small pieces can make a significant impact on the aesthetic and functionality of a space. Therefore we will highlight six of our remarkable door handle collections that perfectly fit in a high-end interior style. Among these, we delve into the world of BOBBY by Eric Kuster, TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum, ONE by Piet Boon, ECLIPSE by David Rockwell, RIBBON by Bob Manders and RIVIO by Gensler.

1. BOBBY by Eric Kuster

With a striking allure, the BOBBY collection by Eric Kuster showcases door handles that epitomize opulence. Available in 3 luxurious finishes, including satin black and bronze, these handles transform functional elements into works of art. The smooth contours and robust design of the BOBBY handles make them a statement piece that perfectly complements high-end interiors. The satin black option exudes a sense of modernity and sleekness, while the bronze offers a warm and inviting touch. Whether adorning the doors of a contemporary penthouse or a classic mansion, the BOBBY collection adds a touch of lavishness that resonates with grandeur.

Formani BOBBY by Erik Kuster high-end interior door handle
Formani TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum high-end interior door handle

2. TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum

Elegance seamlessly meets functionality in the TENSE collection by Bertram Beerbaum. Presented in multiple captivating finishes such as satin black and bronze, these handles radiate an understated charm. The TENSE collection is a testament to the principle that less is indeed more. The minimalist design with clean lines and refined textures ensures that these handles effortlessly blend with various interior styles. Whether incorporated into a modern urban loft or a sophisticated office space, the TENSE handles contribute to an aura of restrained luxury, where every detail speaks volumes.

3. ONE by Piet Boon

Piet Boon's ONE collection is a synthesis of beauty and utility, a representation of thoughtful design that transcends time. With 6 finishes these handles offer a spectrum of possibilities. The ONE collection's appeal lies in its versatility, making it a favored choice among interior designers. The handles' adaptable nature allows them to harmonize with diverse design schemes, from the monochromatic elegance of a high-end apartment to the opulent interiors of a luxury hotel. With colours such as bronze, black and sometimes even gold, these handles are testament to the idea that true luxury lies in the balance between aesthetics and purpose.

Formani ONE by Piet Boon high-end interior door handle
Formani ECLIPSE by David Rockwell high-end door handle

4. ECLIPSE by David Rockwell

Innovation takes center stage in the ECLIPSE collection by David Rockwell. Presented in 4 enduring finishes including satin black and bronze, these handles redefine conventional door hardware. Its seamless, ergonomic design showcases a sublime finish and continuous moon-like detailing along the length, neck, and curve of the handle. It effortlessly merges innovation with aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for interiors that push the boundaries of design. Whether adorning the doors of a cutting-edge workspace or a contemporary residence, the ECLIPSE handles add an element of intrigue that resonates with those who appreciate design beyond the ordinary.

5. RIBBON by Bob Manders

The RIBBON collection by Bob Manders celebrates the art of simplicity. These handles are available in 2 refined finishes: satin black and satin stainless steel. As a result, they exude an understated sophistication that is second to none. The design of the RIBBON handles is characterized by the single, self-supporting yet interlinked structure and timeless shape. They seamlessly integrate into a variety of interior themes, from classic to modern, enhancing the overall aesthetic. These handles serve as a reminder that simplicity, when executed with precision, can be the epitome of luxury.

Formani RIBBON by Bob Manders high-end door handle
Formani RIVIO by Gensler high-end interior door handle

6. RIVIO by Gensler

Form finds harmony with function in the RIVIO collection by Gensler. Presented in 4 finishes and two different variants, these handles are a testament to high-end design. The RIVIO collection features handles that are both ergonomic and visually appealing, offering a tactile experience that complements their aesthetic charm. The bronze and black finishes are perfectly suited for contemporary high-end interiors. The RIVIO handles embody the principle that true luxury is derived from the seamless integration of form and function.

Conclusion about our top 6 door handles for high-end interiors

Crafting a high-end interior demands meticulous attention to detail, where every element contributes to the overarching ambiance. Amidst these considerations, the often underestimated door handles emerge as essential focal points that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. This selection introduces you to six exceptional door handle collections that epitomize the essence of luxury and refinement.

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