High-End interiors: modern luxury meets functionality

Details of the modern upscale interiors

Within the realm of interior design, an approach emerges that flawlessly harmonizes opulent aesthetics with pragmatic functionality: “High-End” interiors. Explore the fascinating world of premium interior design, delving into its defining characteristics, premium elements and sophisticated details, like our high-end door hardware and accessories. 

High-end interior style
Interior design by Eric Kuster

Unveiling the High-End Interiors Style

High-End Interiors can be interpreted in diverse styles. However, they all share one common aspect: they maintain the perfect balance between opulence and functionality. These styles showcase elegance without compromising on practicality. Envision robust and magnificent objects and furnishings, meticulous attention to detail, and exquisite materials harmonizing with thoughtful design solutions. The result contains spaces that exude luxury while remaining liveable, catering to modern needs without sacrificing refinement

The materials that define High-End interiors

When it comes to material choices the luxury styles lean heavily towards opulent options that exude luxury and sophistication. Elements like rich woods, including mahogany, walnut, and oak, contribute a sense of timeless elegance to the design. The use of marble, with its intricate veining and polished finish, adds a touch of grandeur and opulence to key areas like countertops or flooring.

Velvet, a sumptuous and soft fabric, is often chosen for upholstery, cushions, and drapery, enhancing the tactile experience and enveloping the space in a feeling of comfort and luxury. Complementing this, textured fabrics like brocade, silk, and damask are introduced to add depth and intricacy to the design, inviting both visual and tactile exploration.

Balancing the design, neutral fabrics like linen and cotton are seamlessly incorporated, mirroring the approach taken with textured fabrics such as brocade, silk, and damask. This intricate interplay amplifies the prevailing sense of serenity and refinement that characterizes the upscale interior style. Beyond providing comfort, these fabrics establish a harmonious backdrop that accentuates the prominence of other design elements.

In addition to fabrics, the inclusion of solid steel accents brings a modern touch to the opulent palette. These accents can appear in various elements like door handles, fixtures, hinges and even furniture legs, providing a subtle contrast and adding an element of contemporary sophistication to the overall ambiance.

A colour palette of elegance

In luxury interiors, the choice of colors naturally shifts based on the selected mood board. Nevertheless, our door hardware is progressively making its presence felt in sophisticated interiors adorned with understated hues. These encompass neutral tones like ivory, cream, soft grey, taupe and deep, dark shades which serve as the backdrop, providing the perfect canvas for the incorporation of rich accents. As a result, you will often find our door, window and furniture fittings in these High-End designs in shades such as PVD (satin) black and powder-coated bronze, creating a beautiful interplay.

High-end interior style
Interior design by Kabaz

The Essence of High-End Door Hardware

In High-End interiors, not only the materials and the color palette are important, but also the details. The right details such as hardware cannot be missed and provide the finishing touch, culminating in the perfect embodiment of this luxurious style. Carefully crafted to enhance the vibe that defines this aesthetic, our hardware features solid materials, premium quality, and exceptional finishes. 

As previously highlighted, the presence of majestic items and furnishings frequently defines High-End interiors. This prominence is precisely why our collection of larger door handles aligns seamlessly with these characteristics. Within our offerings, a range of hardware collections boasts a substantial look and feel, presenting handles in both compact and expansive formats. Among these, the following collections find their place in these contemporary and opulent spaces: ONE by Piet Boon, TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum, and ECLIPSE by David Rockwell.

High-end interior style with TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum hardware
Bertram Beerbaum
High-end interior style with TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum hardware
Kabaz Design
High-end interior style
Kabaz Design

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