TOP 10 trends in door hardware for 2024

Embracing Innovation and Tradition

Door fittings, encompassing elements like handles, knobs and grips are gaining significant prominence in interior design and architecture. Recognizing this, our brand, a frontrunner in architectural hardware, has compiled a list of the most notable trends in this area. For the upcoming year it is all about incorporating cutting-edge materials, championing sustainability, and embracing designs that harmonize with both contemporary and traditional styles. Our selection of the top 10 trends in door hardware transcends mere functional improvement, aiming to make a unique stylistic impact. We will explore the dynamic terrain of door hardware, ranging from classic materials to innovative technologies, and unveil how these trends are shaping the future of interior and architectural design.

Top 10 trends in door hardware for 2024
Interior design by @nu.interiordesign

1. Total Concept Collections: Harmonizing Design Elements

The trend of total concept collections is gaining momentum among interior designers and architects, who now prefer door fittings that ensure consistency in design, materials, and color across their entire projects. This trend signifies a refined approach in architectural design, emphasizing meticulous attention to every detail for a unified and visually appealing environment. These collections prioritize the harmony of various components - including door handles, cabinet pulls, and other hardware. More than just stylistic alignment, these pieces are coordinated in finish, texture, and ergonomic design to offer a fluid experience in any setting. Formani's total concept collections exemplify this integrated approach, where each item is crafted to not only match but also enhance the rest. The range extends from door to window hardware, furniture hardware, and even bathroom accessories, allowing for a perfectly synchronized design narrative.

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2. Bronze Door Hardware: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

The increasing inclination towards door fittings with a bronze finish is a notable trend in modern interiors. Bronze hardware, known for its enduring elegance and inviting warmth, is becoming a sought-after choice for contemporary spaces. This trend marks a revival of the rich, earthy tones of bronze in door hardware, marrying traditional allure with modern design sensibilities. Formani's collection of powder-coated bronze door hardware reinterprets this classic material through a contemporary lens. These pieces are crafted to infuse warmth and distinctive character into any interior, seamlessly blending old-world charm with current design trends.

Black door hardware trend for 2024

3. Black Door Hardware: Bold and Sophisticated

Continuing its popularity into 2024, black door fittings are set to maintain their favored status among architects and interior designers. Black door hardware is a symbol of both sophistication and bold design, perfectly suited for making a striking statement. Its versatility allows it to integrate effortlessly into various interior styles, ranging from minimalist to industrial. Our collection of black door hardware is designed to embody this bold elegance, offering a sleek, modern aesthetic that enhances any design motif. We present an array of finishes, from matte, powder coated black to PVD satin black, each offering a unique tactile and visual experience. Additionally, the longevity and ease of maintenance of these finishes are prioritized, ensuring that the hardware remains an impactful element in spaces for years to come.

4. Satin gold Door Hardware: introducing luxurious accents

The resurgence of satin gold door hardware in 2024 marks a luxurious addition to various interior styles. This trend reimagines the versatility of gold, expanding from the classic bright, polished look to softer, brushed finishes that offer a modern twist on a traditional material. Formani's range of satin gold door hardware is varied, including both strikingly bold and subtly refined designs. This variety provides flexibility in design, enabling these pieces to blend seamlessly into different decor themes, from lavishly opulent to gracefully minimalist. Our collection caters to diverse preferences, offering options that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space with the timeless elegance and sophistication of gold.

Gold door hardware trend for 2024
PVD finish trend for door hardware in 2024

5. PVD Finishing: Combining Durability with Aesthetics

As sustainability gains importance each year, aligning door hardware with this trend becomes crucial. That is why PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finishing is the preferred choice in 2024. PVD finishing in door hardware represents an innovation that combines enduring durability with aesthetic appeal. Formani's integration of PVD technology in several of our collections ensures our hardware not only offers enhanced durability but also a variety of appealing finishes to match diverse design preferences. Options like PVD stainless steel, PVD satin black, PVD gunmetal, PVD satin gold, and PVD copper provide architects and designers with an expanded palette of aesthetic possibilities to explore.

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6. Simplicity and Minimalism: capturing understated elegance

The trend towards minimalist door hardware continues to grow, as architects and interior designers increasingly seek beauty in simplicity for their projects. This design approach emphasizes paring down to essentials, focusing on form and function. Minimalism is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a response to our overly complex and cluttered world, offering a sense of serenity and clarity. Our minimalist collections are a true representation of this philosophy, featuring sleek, unadorned lines and hardware that integrates seamlessly, maintaining the visual continuity of a space. These designs are timeless, transcending ephemeral trends and emphasizing the lasting beauty of simplicity.

Minimalistic trend for door hardware in 2024

7. Sustainable Door Hardware: Embracing Eco-conscious design

Sustainability has been a hot topic for several years now, and this will remain the case in 2024. The move towards sustainable door hardware is driven by a growing environmental consciousness in the design industry. This trend emphasizes the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. Formani actively engages in this movement, offering door hardware solutions that are both environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing, aligning with the modern ethos of sustainable design. Our products, crafted from brass, are composed entirely of 100% recycled materials and remain fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Besides this, our materials we use are more durable than traditional hardware, which reduces the need for replacements and waste.

8. T-shaped door handles: the essence of contemporary chic

As the demand for modern and stylish interior designs escalates, architects and interior designers are continuously seeking suitable door fittings. T-shaped handles have emerged as a prominent choice in this context. Characterized by their distinctive 'T' shape, these handles, while having a long history, are experiencing renewed interest for their somewhat unique form. This trend is about introducing a novel and contemporary flair to doors and cabinets. Our T-shaped handle designs are at the forefront of this movement, providing a fashionable and ergonomic alternative to conventional handle styles. Discover more about our T-shaped handles on our dedicated page.

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T-Shape door hardware trend in 2024

9. Ergonomic Hardware: Where comfort and design converge

In the realms of interior design and architecture, the right finish and style are crucial, but the design of door hardware is equally important. Ergonomic hardware focuses on facilitating a seamless interaction between the user and the product. It transcends aesthetic appeal, prioritizing how the hardware feels to the touch, its intuitive functionality, and its contribution to the overall user experience. Our ergonomic hardware collections are meticulously crafted, marrying ergonomic principles with elegant design to elevate the user experience. Visit our page to explore our range of ergonomic door hardware collections, where design meets comfort.

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10. Timeless Door Hardware: Classic Beauty

The increasing trend towards timeless door hardware reflects a desire to pay homage to the enduring beauty of classic design while integrating it with modern elements. This style is rooted in the principles of simplicity, elegance, and meticulous craftsmanship. Beyond our signature TIMELESS collection, we offer a range of timeless hardware selections that respect classic design ethos. These collections are carefully curated to include pieces that blend historical design elements with contemporary craftsmanship, ensuring each item harmonizes with past and present aesthetics. This approach enables us to offer a diverse selection of hardware options that cater to various design tastes, all while maintaining a consistent and timeless appeal.


The door hardware trends of 2024 offer a compelling glimpse into the future of interior design. These trends reflect an industry that is continually evolving, balancing the demands for innovative design, practical functionality, and environmental responsibility. For professionals in the design and architectural fields, these trends open up new avenues for creativity and innovation, enabling the creation of spaces that are not only functional but also resonate with contemporary aesthetic sensibilities.

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