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INC & ARC by Piet Boon

Although details are only a small part of the whole, they can make it or break it. Door fittings are one of those pivotal details and play a leading role in the overall design. It is partly thanks to the collaborations with designers such as Piet Boon, that FORMANI®’s products have established a reputation in the design world as being more than just a detail.

FORMANI designer Piet Boon
Our designer Piet Boon
Formani - Ibiza - Nieuwe Deurkruk - Dark - 6x6cm - 300DPI.jpg
Formani - Ibiza - Nieuwe Deurkruk - Dark - 6x6cm - 300DPI.jpg


Studio Piet Boon is an internationally renowned design studio, recognized for its multi-disciplinary design services and its remarkable talent for balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality into one of a kind design experiences. Partners since 2009, Studio Piet Boon and FORMANI share a mutual passion for exquisite details and refinement. Both believe in the value of forging new partnerships with likeminded people and brands that challenge each other to take product design to the next level.
2019 marks the unique ten-year collaboration between Studio Piet Boon and FORMANI, which celebrated the collaboration with the introduction of two new hardware series: INC and ARC. The two new series follow the successful ONE and TWO hardware series, which are currently sold in 45 countries.

INC door handle design by Piet Boon
INC by Piet Boon
ARC door handle design by Piet Boon
ARC by Piet Boon

INC and ARC by Piet Boon 
Find out more about the INC and ARC hardware series, the total concept range, excisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.

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