Affordable design: High-quality door handles, window handles, furniture fittings and other accessories to stay within your budget

Are you in need of door hardware that offers both a visually appealing design and high-quality performance while staying within your budget? Look no further than our BASICS collection. Our carefully curated range of door hardware provides an unmatched blend of affordability, durability, and design excellence. With a focus on both aesthetics and function, our BASICS collection is the perfect choice for sustainable door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings, and other accessories. It represents the essence of FORMANI's design philosophy while being budget-friendly, making it an ideal option for those looking for cost-effective door hardware solutions.

Affordable and high-quality lever handle in satin black

Familiar models, perfect finishing and high-quality craftsmanship. 

Designed to cater to a variety of budget needs, BASICS offers a carefully curated selection of familiar models, including the most popular and well-known models in the industry. Despite the hollow nature of these designs, there is no compromise on quality. The door handle models have been thoughtfully enhanced with our signature blend of design and high-quality craftsmanship. This is evident in details as impeccable finishing and the slim and sleek rosettes. The prefect combination to add a touch of elegance to each piece and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Door handles with EN1906 classe 3 certification

The products in our BASICS collection are made of quality stainless steel and the entire collection is manufactured to meet our stringent EU standards. Many of our BASICS door handles are certified EN1906 classe 3. The European standard that specifies the requirements and classification for door handles and knops. It evaluates performance and durability of the products based on various criteria, such as corrosion resistance, operational reliability and strength. This makes the BASICS collection suitable for any project – residential, but also offices or hospitality interior design projects. 

mouting of formani basics LB-19
designing of Formani basics LB-19

Material use and colour palette

Our Basics range has the most extensive colour chart of all door hardware collections. The sleek colour palette extending from the sleek elegance of (PVD) satin stainless steel to the tough allure of satin black, PVD gunmetal and bronze, this collection boasts the ability to harmonize with an extensive array of design projects and styles. Furthermore BASICS explores the color spectrum with the warm, antique feel of PVD satin bronze, as well as the crisp, modern simplicity of white.

Check out our colour palette

Versability of the collection

The extensive range of door handle designs and the multitude of available colors clearly showcases the diversity of the BASICS collection. However, similar to our other collections, BASICS offers a comprehensive concept that goes beyond just door handles. It encompasses front door fittings, window fittings, furniture handles, and complementary accessories. With BASICS, we provide the most comprehensive options to fulfill all design needs.

For instance, the door handles in BASICS are available with various rosette options, making them suitable for aluminum or PVD doors. Moreover, the products within the collection can be combined, allowing for a consistent style to be applied throughout the entire interior. This versatility ensures that BASICS seamlessly integrates into any design project, offering a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. Even with a lower budget.

Formani BASICS satin stainless steel lever handle
satin stainless steel
formani basics PVD satin gold lever handle
PVD satin gold
formani basics PVD satin bronze lever handle
PVD satin bronze
Formani basics satin black lever handle
satin black
formani basics PVD gunmental lever handle
PVD gunmental
formani basics PVD polished copper lever handle
PVD polished copper
Formani basics polished stainless steel lever handle
polished stainless steel
formani basics satin white (RAL9003) lever handle
satin white

Sustainable choices: durability and longevity

The BASICS collection underscores FORMANI's strong commitment to sustainability and longevity. Every product in this range is designed to last, reflecting our unwavering dedication to environmentally conscious choices and long-term value. This commitment to sustainability is evident not only in the materials we use but also in the lifespan of our products, further reinforcing our pledge to creating pieces that are built to withstand the test of time. Even though the designs are hollow, this collection doesn’t compromise on durability or sustainability. In fact, the finishes in this collection are selected from our standard range and are applied using environmentally friendly methods.

Experience the Basics collection

We invite you to explore the BASICS collection and experience details of this budget-friendly hardware collection – door handles, window handles, furniture fittings and other accessories. Visit our online product catalogue or request a hardcopy (for professional use only).

Explore BASICS in our digital catalogue

Affordable and high-quality satin black lever handle on white door
Affordable and high-quality satin black lever handle on white door

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