How to choose affordable but yet good quality door hardware

As architects and interior designers, you understand the importance of every detail in creating exceptional spaces. From the layout to the finishing touches, every element contributes to the overall aesthetic and functionality of a project. When it comes to door hardware, finding the right affordable options can be a game-changer in achieving your design goals. That’s why we are proud of our BASICS collection at FORMANI: an affordable and good quality product. At FORMANI, we recognize your need for quality, affordability and style. That's why we've compiled a list of invaluable tips to guide you in selecting the perfect affordable door hardware solutions.

Affordable and high-quality formani BASICS lever handles

Choose high-quality materials

While you may be looking for affordable options, it's important not to compromise on the quality of the materials. High-quality door hardware is made from durable materials such as solid stainless steel, brass, or bronze. These materials ensure longevity and add a touch of class to your interior design.

Pay attention to functionality and durability

Good door hardware should not only be beautiful, but also functional and durable. Pay attention to product functionality, such as smooth functioning door handles and reliable locks. Durable hardware will last longer, saving you costs on repairs and replacements in the long run. At FORMANI, we take these important aspects into account in all our collections, even the more affordable ones. Some product ranges are even adapted to fit seamlessly with specific locks in different countries.

Choose a stylish design and pay attention to detail

When it comes to choosing door hardware, we understand the significance of combining stylish design and impeccable attention to detail. Our diverse range of collections caters to this exact principle.

We firmly believe that affordability should never compromise aesthetics, and that's why we offer a wide selection of stylish door hardware collections, spanning from modern and contemporary to classic and timeless designs.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our products' high standards of quality and design. We take pride in paying attention to even the smallest details, as we understand that it's these nuances that truly make a difference in elevating the overall look and feel of any space.

Whether you're working on a project with a tighter budget or seeking to indulge in elevated design and craftsmanship, we have the perfect solutions for you. Our BASICS collection offers a stylish and cost-effective option for those looking to make a statement without breaking the bank. Meanwhile, our designer collections, such as RIVIO by Gensler and ECLIPSE by David Rockwell, provide exceptional choices that embody sophistication and creativity without being excessively expensive.

In conclusion, with our focus on stylish design and unwavering attention to detail, you can trust us to meet your door hardware needs while ensuring your spaces exude a distinct charm and elegance.

Choose a reliable supplier

Last but not least, choose a reliable supplier like FORMANI. We have a long history of supplying high-quality door hardware to architects and interior designers worldwide. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and we strive to offer affordable options without compromising on quality.


By considering these factors and choosing FORMANI as your supplier, you can confidently select affordable yet high-quality door hardware that will elevate your projects. Contact us today to explore the possibilities!

Satin black affordable and good quality door handle
Satin black affordable and good quality door handle
Satin black affordable and good quality door handle

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