The importance of materials and samples in interior design

Studio Piet Boon, renowned globally as a leading design studio specializing in exteriors, interiors, and product design, has built a well-deserved reputation for crafting perfectly balanced designs. Moreover, Studio Piet Boon is the creative force behind four of our leading designer hardware collections. With profound expertise in shaping spaces and products, the team achieves the ideal equilibrium between functionality, aesthetics, and individuality.

As part of FORMANI's new sample program, designed specifically for design professionals, we've seized the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of interior design and materials. Jesseca van Haneghem, designer / senior specialist Material & Product at Studio Piet Boon, is an authority on FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment), color, material, and furniture selection for both residential and hospitality projects. Her insights illuminate the essence of materials and the significance of samples in the realm of design and architecture.

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the importance of materials and samples in interior design

Color and Material Research: The Foundation of Every Design

"Our design vision often incorporates natural materials," explains Jesseca van Haneghem. She emphasizes that the interplay between layout, color choice, material selection, furniture, and art plays a crucial role in achieving a beautifully balanced ensemble. Understanding client preferences regarding the desired ambiance, whether it's a light or dark interior, serves as the starting point. The unique characteristics of the client and the project are also meticulously considered. Factors such as the project's location, the family composition, and even the residents' leisure activities are vital in selecting materials and colors for the palette.

Once these critical aspects are clear, the process of assembling a material and color palette begins. This includes carefully examining how colors and shapes harmonize with other used materials, including the refined details of custom furniture design or door and/or furniture hardware, to create a stunning whole. Naturally, the presentation of this initial palette proposal includes samples of door hardware and/or furniture hardware. This enhances the client experience and allows us to assess the client's response to these choices, ensuring our design team is aligned.

The importance of color, design, and material samples

In our design process, materials and color samples are invaluable. They serve not only as visual references but also enable our clients to view, touch, and experience the materials before final decisions are made. Jesseca showcases this critical aspect of our design process as she guides us through the Studio's sample room. Here, countless materials, items, and inspiration boards are meticulously organized by product/material group and hue, highlighting their crucial role in our design approach.

"The sample room is one of my favorite spaces," Jesseca says enthusiastically. "Here, you'll always find the right material that aligns with the identity of Studio Piet Boon. We constantly update the sample room with new items, carefully selected by type, color, and material to perfectly match our projects. This ensures consistent and thoughtful designs where aesthetics and functionality are in perfect harmony, with attention to detail and quality in every aspect of our work.

Samples of door hardware also play a significant role in this process, she emphasizes while presenting a door handle from our ONE by Piet Boon collection. She explains that the shape, size, and color of the hardware are crucial to ensure it seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetics of a space. And not to forget, the quality and meticulous details of FORMANI's door hardware are definitely worth experiencing.

the importance of color, design and material choice in interior design
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The decision-making process and final choice of materials and door hardware

Ultimately, the final decisions rest with the client, including those related to architectural hardware. The fact that we allow them to truly experience the product, the material, and the finish strengthens our choices. This once again underscores the importance of samples.

After the client agrees with the design choices regarding the color and material palette, a material list is compiled. Jesseca shares this with enthusiasm, knowing that the mood board will soon come to life. Although it may take some time until the actual delivery, it's always satisfying to see your mood board become reality, and that's what we as a design team aim for.

Future vision and trends in material advice, color use, and door hardware

At Studio Piet Boon, we continuously keep abreast of trends in design, color, and material. We select trends that seamlessly blend with our projects while staying true to our own identity. For us, this means incorporating more rounded shapes or applying glossy elements and care for details, Jesseca shares.

In the context of door hardware, window hardware, and furniture hardware, we also see further evolution in both the selection and the importance thereof. Traditional finishes like black and stainless steel maintain their popularity, while bronze hues are becoming increasingly common in color palettes. The matte bronze finish from FORMANI is also very positively received by our designers and clients alike, according to Jesseca.

materials mood board
materials mood board
materials mood board

Advice for fellow designers and architects

When asked if she has any advice for fellow designers, Jesseca reiterates the importance of fully integrating all materials, including samples, into the color and material palette. As a designer, finding the right collection or color that seamlessly matches the material palette can sometimes be challenging, even when it comes to door hardware. Therefore, having access to catalogs and samples of door hardware in various collections and finishes, ranging from traditional L-shaped door handles to T-shaped door handles in different color shades, is valuable. This diversity offers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities, providing the client with better insight into how the chosen material choices come together harmoniously. Storing these samples in a special "sample room" or cabinet also allows for the reuse of the same samples across multiple projects, enhancing efficiency and consistency in the design process.

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Jesseca, designer / senior specialist Material & Product @Studio PB

FORMANI’s sample program

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