Minimalist interior design:
a fusion of simplicity and sophistication

Minimalist interior design is a beloved style in the realm of interior design and architecture, hailed as an art form in its own right. While interpretations of minimalist design vary, the essence remains consistent: creating a space centred around tranquillity. Studio Piet Boon, a leading design studio, embraces this vision of minimalist design, emphasizing what they term "understated luxury." Piet Boon, the founder and owner, shares his insights on this theme while showcasing how the studio's product designs, including door hardware, seamlessly integrate into their creations.

Minimalistic interior design

Design Style: Minimalism and the Philosophy of Understated Luxury

At Studio Piet Boon, they embrace a minimalist approach to interior design, characterized by a philosophy of simplicity and refinement. For them, "understated luxury" epitomizes the core of minimalism, focusing on clean lines, symmetry, and serene colour palettes, while eliminating excess elements. A common misconception about minimalist interior design, as Piet emphasizes, is its simplicity, whereas in reality, every detail must harmonize seamlessly for a successful outcome.

The design approach

When crafting a minimalist space, Studio Piet Boon adheres to several key principles, including the pursuit of perfect proportions, symmetry, and aligning all doors in a straight line. Elevations are unified to promote a streamlined and consistent aesthetic. Additionally, we prefer to forgo skirting boards and opt for concealed lighting, enhancing the serene ambiance. 

These principles form the foundation for a balance between minimalism and comfort, integrating carefully selected furniture without excess. Personality and character are imbued through high-quality artworks, prioritizing quality over quantity. By eschewing excessive decoration, the space remains bright and soothing while retaining a sense of warmth and comfort.

minimalistisch deurbeslag

Materials and colours

"Our designs are characterized by meticulously chosen luxury materials that harmoniously coalesce while preserving minimalist aesthetics," explains Piet. "The use of honest materials that age beautifully plays a crucial role. Our own product designs embody this vision, crafted from high-quality, luxurious materials. Therefore, we prefer integrating our own materials and products into our designs. This includes our own designs of door handles by FORMANI, the elegant pots from Domani, and the refined faucets from COCOON."

"We carefully curate the serene colour palette, aiming for subtle contrasts between different materials and hues. Our goal is to select colours that enhance the visual appeal of the space," Piet emphasizes. "Currently, plaster is a sought-after choice in minimalist interior designs due to its sleek and elegant appearance. We avoid bold colours and opt to combine light and dark shades from our Piet Boon Paint & Plaster collection, creating intriguing combinations that form a harmonious whole."

Explore how Studio Piet Boon integrates luxury materials into minimalist designs and the role our own products play. Read our blog on material research and samples


Although minimalist interior designs strive for a minimum of objects, significant attention is still paid to details. He emphasizes the importance of door fittings as the jewel of the door.
Studio Piet Boon
Piet Boon, owner of Studio Piet Boon

Door Hardware in Minimalist Design

Piet emphasizes: 'While minimalist interior designs aim for a minimum of objects, significant attention is paid to details. Think of (invisible) lighting, faucets, light switches, and door hardware.' He underscores the importance of door hardware as the jewellery of the door, elevating simple doors with refinement and a luxurious touch through high-quality materials and sleek designs. As a personal favourite, he mentions the INC collection, one of the four collections Studio Piet Boon designed for FORMANI. Both the traditional L-shaped door handle and the T-shaped style seamlessly complement minimalist designs. Consistent mounting height of 1050mm for all door handles is essential.

INC by Piet Boon minimalistic interior
INC by Piet Boon black door handle on wooden door

Integrating minimalist door hardware into a minimalist design? 

In close collaboration with FORMANI, Studio Piet Boon has created four iconic hardware collections: ONE, TWO, INC, and ARC. These collections stem from shared values of quality and design, and our joint commitment to minimalist aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail in architectural door hardware. They have had a profound impact on the world of design and architecture. Each collection is part of a comprehensive concept, comprising door, window, and furniture hardware. Additionally, the ONE collection has been expanded with a range of bathroom accessories.

Want to learn more about the hardware collections Studio Piet Boon designed for FORMANI? Discover them here.

Discover the simplicity and luxurious allure of these four hardware collections in our extensive online catalogue. Use our door handle configurator to find a perfect match for your project or request a sample for design professionals to experience the high-quality materials and refined designs firsthand.

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INC by Piet Boon minimalist door fittings
minimalist option for door handles
minimalist option for door handles
Minimalist design
satin black door handles for a minimalist interior

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