Formani's product design by
Piet Boon

Innovating style and functionality in door hardware

In collaboration with Studio Piet Boon, internationally renowned for their expertise in interior, exterior, and product design, we have launched four iconic hardware collections that have become an integral part of our range and have already complemented numerous designs in the fields of architecture and interior design, achieving perfect harmony. These collections have made a statement thanks to our shared values of quality and design and our commitment to minimalist aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail in door hardware. In this article, we have delineated our four collections by Piet Boon, examining their design characteristics and recognizability, while also shedding light on the underlying design philosophy and practical applications of architectural hardware. We begin with the first collection, aptly named "ONE," then move on to "TWO," followed by "INC," and conclude with "ARC".

Formani's product design by Piet Boon

ONE by Piet Boon

The foundations of our collaboration were laid with the ONE collection, a beacon in the realm of architectural hardware design. An already iconic design in the world of design and architecture. The ONE collection is not only the first collection designed in collaboration with Studio Piet Boon, but it is also the first collection we have developed in partnership with an external designer, marking a milestone in door handle design. This renowned collection is available in a highly extensive range of colors and finishes, aligning perfectly with Studio PB's identity.

The fundamental principle behind the design of our iconic Piet Boon ONE door hardware series is simplicity, centered around a cylindrical shape. Its clean lines and superior finishing exude elegance and sophistication, creating a harmonious and graceful ensemble. The ONE series has undoubtedly become a hallmark in the realm of door handles and architectural hardware.

This extensive collection comprises door, window, and furniture hardware, and has even been expanded to include bathroom accessories for a cohesive whole. The foundation of this collection revolves around the door handle design recognizable for its cylindrical shapes. The variation in door handles within this collection lies in the door handle principle: L-shaped or T-shaped, and the length and thickness of the grip, where PBL15 or PT15 is the narrowest and shortest, while PBL20XL or PBT20XL is the widest and longest.

The ONE by Piet Boon collection is designed to enhance spaces and create a harmonious whole. Its extensive range allows for every detail in an interior space to be seamlessly coordinated, underscoring Studio Piet Boon's dedication to creating cohesive and well-considered design solutions in architectural hardware.

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ONE by Piet Boon door handle in PVD satin black
ONE by Piet Boon door hardware in satin black

TWO by Piet Boon

As the ONE series gained strength, its successor, aptly named TWO, was developed, further enriching our architectural hardware offerings. A collection that places nuanced balance between form and function at its core. While this series also embodies simplicity, it is underpinned by complexity and outstanding craftsmanship in its design. The collection positions itself as one of the most refined designs within our range of door hardware.

The focal point of the door handle is formed by two symmetrical sections that converge in the middle of two distinct pathways. Out of the three finishing options, two incorporate oak wood. The construction of these components involves crucial craftsmanship, where each wooden piece is individually shaped and then meticulously assembled with stainless steel components, resembling the assembly of a complex puzzle.

The oak wood used for the designs is a natural product and is available in its original color or black lacquered. In addition to the wood options, there is also a fully stainless steel variant. Here too, the door handle serves as the foundation for a comprehensive concept comprising door, window, and furniture hardware, allowing for the same design to be applied throughout the entire interior for a cohesive look in door hardware design.

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TWO by Piet Boon door handle
FORMANI TWO by Piet Boon door hardware

INC by Piet Boon

With a strong foundation in the ONE and TWO collections, our ten-year collaboration was crowned with two new designs, both of which pay homage to our shared design identity based on innovation yet simplicity in architectural hardware. Our beloved INC & ARC collections were introduced.

INC by Piet Boon stands out with its clean lines and refined surfaces, offering a sophisticated simplicity that enhances the tactile and visual experience of architectural spaces. Soft contours and superior ergonomics were the basic elements in creating this series, which won the Red Dot Design Award upon its debut. The creative technique of tapering a cylindrical shape towards the end resulted in a more modern design characterized by a gentle slope or 'incline' in the handle. This distinctive design aspect inspired the name of the series: 'INC.'

The INC by Piet Boon collection also constitutes a comprehensive concept, with the incline at its core, starting with the door handle as the central focal point. The traditional L-shaped door handle is available in three standard sizes, varying in thickness and length of the handle, allowing for the outstanding design to be incorporated into various projects with a tailored feel. There is also a T-variant available, and this shape is also reflected in the additional furniture knobs.

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INC by Piet Boon door handle
FORMANI INC by Piet Boon door hardware

ARC by Piet Boon

The ARC collection, introduced simultaneously with our aforementioned INC collection, expands upon our refined preference for exceptional design, simplicity, and high-quality finishing in door hardware.

With the ARC collection, we embark on an immersive journey of curves and fluidity in architectural hardware. ARC by Piet Boon celebrates the elegance of linear design, emphasizing sharp lines and geometric shapes. The silhouette for this design is crafted based on a cross-section of the cylinder volume, resulting in a flat side and a rounded arch. The name of this series is therefore inspired by this arch shape.

This collection mirrors our design identity and provides a fitting complement to redefine design boundaries. The unique curves and sleek finishes of the ARC collection by Piet Boon illustrate the seamless integration of form and function that is both aesthetically pleasing and inherently practical. Like the INC collection, this one also encompasses a comprehensive concept, with the door handle, available in two sizes, at its core. The increasingly beloved T-handle can also be found in this collection, with this shape extending to the additional furniture knobs.

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ARC by Piet Boon door handle
FORMANI ARC by Piet Boon door hardware


Our collaboration showcases a blend of innovation, style, and functionality in door and architectural hardware design through four unique collections—ONE, TWO, INC, and ARC. These collections, born from Studio Piet Boon's design philosophy and Formani's commitment to quality, not only highlight creative collaboration but also redefine design standards in the realm of door hardware and architectural hardware.

To enable professionals to experience this blend of aesthetics and practicality firsthand, Formani offers a sample program. Architects and interior designers can request free samples from any collection, ensuring they find the ideal door hardware for their projects.

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INC by Piet Boon T-shaped door handle in PVD satin black

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