restaurant BUDA

Renovation of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Madrid

El Buda Feliz is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Madrid. The restaurant opened its doors in 1974 and is a reference for the traditional Chinese cuisine within Spain ever since. Over 4 decades later, El Buda Feliz has been completely renewed to break with its image and offer.

Formani reference project - El Buda Feliz
Photography by Erlantz Biderbost
T-shape handle on rose satin gold
EV102/64 lever handle on rose satin gold

A versatile interior

The restaurant’s decor is inspired by the Chinese city of Shangri-La and plays with tradition and avant-garde. A surrounding full of motives next to aesthetic details that create a true and calm atmosphere. 

FORMANI NOUR by Edward van Vliet hardware series

They have chosen to apply the door handles of the FORMANI NOUR series by Edward van Vliet. The design has a clear Asian influence. A region from which the designer Edward van Vliet draws much of his inspiration. The doorware in matt gold remind us of a time past and it completes the interior design.

Photography by Erlantz Biderbost

interior el buda feliz Formani reference project
T-shape handle on rose in satin gold - Formani

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The NOUR architectural hardware series is a total concept range, consisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.
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Formani reference design project - El buda feliz
Formani reference design project - el buda feliz
T-shape door handle satin gold - Formani
interior el buda feliz - formani reference project
Formani reference design project el buda feliz - interior design
interior el buda feliz - formani reference design project
Satin gold t-shape handle on rose - formani

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