The role of (digital)
visualization in interior design

As the designer behind our TENSE hardware collection and co-owner of Studio KABAZ, Bertram Beerbaum is celebrated for his extraordinary talent in crafting exceptional interiors. The remarkable homes created by Kabaz always offer a comprehensive experience, stimulating all senses. They blend elements in perfect harmony, tailored to clients' desires yet unmistakably marked by Kabaz's distinctive signature. Each project is a masterpiece, where architecture, interior, styling, and design unite to form a cohesive whole. Kabaz's passionate team works tirelessly on each project, from initial sketches to final handover.

In this article, we delve into the significance of visualization in interior design, exploring Studio KABAZ's methodology and philosophy, and the pivotal role of visualization in conveying design concepts to clients.

The Role of (Digital) Visualization in Interior Design
Render by Studio KABAZ

Studio KABAZ's Approach – Phase 1: Understand Your Client

"At Kabaz, we aim to elevate our clients' experience, delivering outcomes beyond their imagination. We rarely inquire about favorite colors or materials. Instead, we focus on what matters to our clients. Their lifestyle, companions, dining preferences, and holiday experiences. By listening intently to our clients, we gather essential ingredients for a surprising Conceptual Design."

beautifully balanced villas with photorealistic 3D renders
Render by Studio KABAZ

Phase 2: The Concept and the Power of Visualization in Interior Design

"For instance, Kabaz often utilizes custom furniture, bridging architecture and interior design to establish a recognizable style. Consistent wood types and base colors across kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, wardrobes, and bookcases create harmony and tranquility. This approach is equally effective in our shorter makeover projects, where custom solutions truly make a difference. Our interior designers design and render everything, using renders to enhance our presentations and bring our concepts to life."

Bertram showcases Kabaz's beautifully balanced villas with photorealistic 3D renders, so detailed they're almost indistinguishable from reality. These precise visuals allow clients to envision their future homes, experiencing everything from spatial layout to material and finish selections. A special mention goes to our TENSE door handles, seamlessly integrated throughout the homes, aiding in informed decisions about colors, materials, and layouts.

Challenges and Solutions in the Design Process

"A Conceptual Design includes design proposals, floor plans, material choices, and a budget for elements. The art lies in translating the design for the client and presenting it effectively. We explore the entire house through plans and material samples laid out on a large table. It's when clients can see and touch the materials—from upholstery fabric to door hardware detailing—that senses are truly engaged.

Thanks to Formani samples, we can instantly showcase how detailing will look in a space. Door handles are often overlooked, but we believe they make a significant difference."

Tense by Bertram Beerbaum

Phase 3: From Execution to Turn-Key Delivery

"After finalizing the concept phase and gaining client approval, we commence execution, guiding the project from start to finish," Bertram continues. "We're committed to bringing the concept to life, focusing on every detail to create exceptional homes. Our involvement doesn't end after execution; at Kabaz, we aim for a turn-key delivery, ensuring everything is ready for use when the keys are handed over to the client."

Visualization plays a crucial role in interior design. The senses are only really stimulated when you can see and feel the materials. From the fabric of an armchair to the detailing of the door fittings.
Bertram Beerbaum
Bertram Beerbaum, co-owner of Studio KABAZ

FORMANI's New Configurator and the Integration of Samples

Extending the theme of visualization in interior design, FORMANI has developed a door handle configurator to simplify the selection process and provide designers and their clients with a realistic view. This tool allows designers to experiment with our various door handle collections and visually place them on doors. An initial exploration that offers a clear perspective on how different designs, styles, and colors match the overall design. Once the perfect combination is found, mood boards can be further enriched with carefully selected samples of door handles and other hardware products from our professional sample program.

Tense by Bertram Beerbaum door hardware
Tense by Bertram Beerbaum door handle
exceptional interiors.
remarkable homes created by Kabaz
the pivotal role of visualization in conveying design concepts to clients.

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