The power of total concepts

Bob Manders Architecture is renowned for its holistic design approach, seamlessly blending architecture, interiors, and landscape design. This integrated method results in unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing concepts. At FORMANI, we share this commitment to total concepts, with architectural hardware being a crucial element that completes the picture. Our integrated door, window, and furniture hardware solutions significantly contribute to this vision.

To explore the complexity and value of total concepts in interior and architectural design, we spoke with Bob Manders, founder and creative mind behind Bob Manders Architecture and the designer of our RIBBON hardware collection. His insights shed light on the essence of total concepts, from conceptualization to detailing, including the pivotal role of architectural hardware.

The power of total concepts: from vision to realization
Bob Manders
The power of total concepts: from vision to realization

From vision to realization

Harmony and Consistency in Design

The strength of a total concept lies in the harmony and consistency achieved when all design and execution aspects are seamlessly aligned. According to architect Bob Manders, the key to quality architecture is integrating interior design with essential elements of a building, landscape architecture, and urban planning. These components influence each other, balancing aesthetics and functionality.

Expertise in Sustainable Building

Our extensive knowledge in sustainable building, functional layouts, detailing, proportions, and construction techniques is applied throughout the design process to create the perfect home. We guide both the preparation and construction phases, paying attention to every step.

Tailored for Every User

"Each new building and its occupants have unique characteristics," Manders explains. "The challenge is to create a surprising, fitting, and engaging concept each time. We carefully consider the personal situation during exploration and concept development, incorporating new inventions and techniques that open up new possibilities."

Design with Deeper Meaning

Our designs always have a purpose. Minimalist structures are enriched by focusing on aspects that users might initially find illogical. For instance, a building may appear simple until you notice subtle, unexpected elements. An open space can transform with hidden features like rotating walls or integrated storage. These surprising details ensure each space is visually appealing, practical, and innovative.
RIBBON by Bob Manders handle in matte black
RIBBON by Bob Manders door handle in matte black
RIBBON by Bob Manders handle in matte black

The Synergy Between Architecture and Interior Design

Seamless Integration of Architecture and Interiors

"Architecture and interior design go hand in hand, just like all other aspects of a building. Whether it's the smallest interior details or the largest landscape adjustments, everything is carefully integrated," says Bob Manders. Formulating a set of rules or a matrix is the starting point for new layouts, patterns, and textures within a space.

Clean Structures and Synchronization

We believe a home should first be designed on a fixed grid. For example, a 90x90 cm grid provides a basis for both the floor plan and facades. Fixed lines and heights are carried through the entire building, ensuring harmony and consistency between architecture and interior design. The resulting tranquility and synergy make the space both visually attractive and functional.

Interiors as an Extension of Architecture

For us, interior design is never a standalone element but an essential part of the total architecture. Material choices, colors, and textures in the interior are carefully matched with the building's architectural elements. For example, continuous lines and heights from outside to inside create a seamless transition between spaces, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Natural Elements and Seasons

"Studying the sun's path, the seasons, or the water cycle inspires the spatial layout," says Manders. A white wall might seem bare until sunlight through a skylight paints its own picture. Hidden beauty and subtle passion are central to our work. A seemingly empty space can become practical with a rotating wall featuring a large bookshelf on one side and a comfortable bench on the other. These interior design elements contribute to a dynamic and surprising spatial experience.


The Importance of Detailing, Including Architectural Hardware

The Finesse of the Ribbon Concept

We always use a concept during detailing to ensure cohesion and harmony. "The Ribbon concept perfectly illustrates our approach," says Bob Manders. "It connects vertical and horizontal planes within a home, creating a harmonious and cohesive whole. The Ribbon door handle, for instance, is designed as a folded ribbon, enhancing both aesthetics and design flow. This handle symbolizes how form and function unite to be visually appealing and practical."

Innovative Use of Colors and Materials

Our designs mix ton-sur-ton colors and treat materials innovatively, allowing one material to be used in diverse ways. This creates a richness of textures and unity in the design. Lines and planes smoothly transition and change direction, creating a dynamic yet calm movement within the home's design. Synergy arises from color, material, and form and subtle effects of reflection, shadow, and changing sunlight.

total concept interiors
RIBBON by Bob Manders handle in matte black
total concept interiors

The Crucial Role of Door Hardware

Manders emphasizes the importance of architectural hardware in the total concept. "Door, window, and furniture hardware are details that can be pivotal. Our designs stem from ergonomic considerations and clever hardware choices. Take a door handle; it's often one of the few physical touches you have with the building. It must be well-thought-out, functional, and convey a sense of quality and craftsmanship." The design and finish of the door handle should ideally be a consistent theme throughout the home, as with the furniture and window hardware.

More Than Decoration: Essential for User Experience

These details are more than decoration; they are vital to the user experience. The right hardware selection can enhance the intended atmosphere of a space, providing a sense of cohesion and completion. In many of our projects, hardware choices significantly impact the final design. The hardware complements the concept and completes the whole. As Manders says, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." In short, attention to detail and architectural hardware is crucial in our approach. It contributes to the overall synergy of the design, where every element, from large planes to the smallest details, creates a coherent and refined whole.

Tip from Bob Manders:
Follow Your Own Personality

According to Manders, the current trend is not to follow trends but to discover your own personality. Who we are is more important than current fashion. Innovations are essential for creating groundbreaking designs, but color and design are no longer trendsetters.

"We remain interpreters developing concepts to surprise. AI can serve as a sounding board, but human input is needed to deviate from the beaten path," says Manders.

Bob Manders, owner of Bob Manders Architecture
Bob Manders, owner of Bob Manders Architecture

Architectural Hardware as a Total Concept 

When choosing architectural hardware, we often start with selecting an appealing door handle. This choice forms the basis and can be complemented with additional products to create a cohesive total concept. All FORMANI hardware collections, including door, furniture, and window fittings, are designed to apply the same style and finish throughout the project. This provides consistent aesthetics and functionality for both interior and exterior, suitable for residential and hospitality projects.

Want to know more about the RIBBON collection designed by Bob Manders for us? Discover them here.

Explore all our collections in our extensive online catalog. Use our door handle configurator to find the perfect match for your project, or request a sample to experience the high-quality materials and refined designs firsthand.

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