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& EN1634-2 Certificate:

Ensuring Building Safety with Fire-Tested Premium Hardware

Our door hardware has achieved the EN1634-2 certificate, demonstrating adherence to stringent fire and smoke resistance testing standards. This certification underscores and reinforces our dedication to fire safety, presenting architects and designers with an exceptional option for top-tier fireproof hardware solutions. At Formani, our commitment to delivering the utmost quality and dependable door hardware solutions remains steadfast, further underscoring our dedication to enhancing the safety and security of buildings

FORMANI's Door Hardware Receives EN1634-2 Certificate

WHAT IS EN1634-2? 

EN 1634-2 is a European standard that defines procedures for assessing the fire resistance of doors, shutters, operable windows, and hardware assemblies. This standard is part of the comprehensive EN 1363 series, which concentrates on fire resistance testing for diverse building components.

Within EN 1634-2, specific guidelines are provided for conducting controlled fire exposure tests on doors and building hardware. The primary objective is to assess their capacity to endure the passage of fire and smoke for a predetermined period. This standard serves as a crucial benchmark for evaluating the fire safety performance of these critical building elements.

FORMANI's Fire and Smoke Resistant Hardware:

Selected FORMANI door handles, having undergone rigorous testing by LAPI in accordance with the EN1634-2 standard, have demonstrated exceptional performance when exposed to elevated temperatures, heat flux, and smoke. The results revealed remarkable fire resistance, with a certified duration of 64 minutes, bolstering building safety in the event of a fire.

Our fire-tested Lever Door Handles:

-    ONE by Piet Boon 
      *It's important to note that this door handle includes the certificate when paired with the R53 adjusted rose.

-    INC by Piet Boon  
-    ARC by Piet Boon 
-    ECLIPSE by David Rockwell 
-    RIVIO by Gensler 
-    TENSE by Bob Manders 
-    CONE by Osiris Hertman  

Advantages of Installing FORMANI`s Fireproof Door Hardware 

Installing EN1634-2 certified door hardware offers several advantages that contribute to building safety:

• Enhanced Fire Resistance: Fireproof door hardware helps contain and limit the spread of fire, smoke, and heat within a building, providing additional time for safe evacuation and efficient emergency response. Additionally, the hardware's compartmentalization and smoke control capabilities offer safe escape routes for occupants and ensure visibility during evacuations.

• Compliance and Insurance Requirements: Meeting EN1634-2 standards not only ensures compliance with building codes and regulations related to fire safety but also satisfies the fire-resistant hardware requirements set by many insurance providers for coverage.

• Versatility in Projects: EN1634-2 certified hardware is widely sought after due to its compliance with stringent fire safety standards. This certification is essential for a variety of projects, including commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, residential complexes, and public spaces, where the highest level of fire resistance is a top priority.

Get inspired by our projects 

• Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: FORMANI`s  fireproof door hardware does not compromise on aesthetics. We firmly believe that fire safety should not come at the expense of aesthetics, and our certified hardware stands as a testament to this philosophy.

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Safety is the paramount consideration in architectural projects, and fire safety holds a pivotal role in the design process. At FORMANI, our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable, and fire-tested solutions is evident in our EN1634-2 certified door hardware. Moreover, safety doesn't come at the expense of aesthetics. FORMANI's EN1634-2 certified designer door hardware offers a diverse range of elegant designs and finishes, while providing uncompromised fire safety.

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