German design award 2020

Our ARC hardware collection wins GDA 2020 

The new ARC door handle, designed by internationally renowned design studio: Studio Piet Boon and created by the manufacturer of door, window and furniture fittings FORMANI, has won the German Design Award 2020 in the "Excellent Product Design" category. The jury praises the shapely design for its powerful lines and tangible properties.

ARC door handle wins German Design Award 2020

The design of the ARC by Piet Boon hardware series

Following clean lines and geometric shapes, the new FORMANI by Piet Boon ARC hardware series is defined by its no-nonsense appeal. The unique silhouette arose by dividing a cylinder volume exactly in half, which gives the ARC its characteristic flat side and a side characterized by an arc – after which the ARC is named. The winning door handle is part of the complete ARC hardware series, consisting of door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings and other accessories. The balanced series will be available in satin stainless steel and PVD gunmetal black, making it suitable for any interior.

Two new hardware series: INC & ARC

The winning door handle is one of the two new hardware series by FORMANI and Studio Piet Boon. The launch of the new INC & ARC hardware series is the celebration of the unique ten-year collaboration between FORMANI and Studio Piet Boon. Earlier the INC series already won a prestigious award (Red Dot Design Award 2019). The two award winning series thus follow the succesful ONE and TWO hardware series, which are currently sold in 45 countries worldwide.

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The INC and ARC hardware series is a total concept range, excisting of door hardware, window hardware, furniture hardware and complementary accessories.
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