by Bertram Beerbaum

Designed by Bertram Beerbaum, our TENSE hardware series is guided by a clean aesthetic that is as robust as it is chic. Every design in the series is unique while at the same time bearing the unmistakable TENSE signature. The core of every design is the cylindrical neck to which each rectangular lever is connected in its own unique way. This is thanks to our extreme high precision welding technique, which forms a secure joint between two very different shapes.

Formani Tense satin black-Main.jpg Formani Tense satin stainless steel-Main.jpg Formani Tense bronze-Main.jpg
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by Bertram Beerbaum
Bertram Beerbaum 1-bewerkt.jpg
Satin black door handle
FORMANI TENSE collection satin black on rose

The unique characteristics of the design received an honorable mention during the German Design Awards, one of the most prestigious design contests. TENSE by Bertram Beerbaum is a total concept collection including door, window, and furniture fittings and is available in the colours stainless steel, satin black, and bronze.

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Total concept hardware collection TENSE FORMANI
Solid sprung lever handle on rose
FORMANI TENSE hardware collection
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