KABAZ Office A2

Multifunctional Design

This project by Studio KABAZ is proof that an office interior doesn't have to be boring. The factory office had to be multifunctional and the first impression should be impressive, but professional. It certainly succeeded here! The former office looked more business-like, booring and aseptic.  

Reference design project FORMANI - KABAZ Office A2
Pull handle on shield satin black

Exclusive entrance

The entrance of the office looks like an exclusive restaurant, because of the transparent wine cabinets in the hallway and the applications of special luxury materials. From the entrance, you enter the reception, which was also in need of a new design. It was important that the reception could be used for different purposes. From tastings events - including a chef - to a space where meeting can be held for large and small groups and where visitors can also be received.

Dutch wink

Studio KABAZ succeeded in designing a professional kitchen, which features, among other things, a BBQ corner where a chef can provide tastings. The kitchen island has a long bar. This allows customers to see how the food is prepared by the chef. In the spirit of antique kitchens, the 'blacks' tiles on the back wall are a variation on the historic Dutch 'witjes'. 


Formani Tense by Bertram Beerbaum in satin black

KABAZ Design

Studio KABAZ's style can clearly be described in sturdy, but particularly warm designs with lots of atmospheric materials. A lot of their designs are made of luxurious elements combined with soft rich grey tones that create a warm atmosphere. From customized steel cabinets to unique leather table tops. From black burned wall shelves – handmade - to robust big doors finished with our TENSE door handles by Bertram Beerbaum. The TENSE door handle in satin black fits perfectly on the dark wooden doors, which forms a nice contrast with the wooden floor.

Our TENSE collection can also be ordered in the finish Bronze or satin stainless steel! 


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