ECLIPSE by David Rockwell

FORMANI, a global luxury brand specialized in architectural hardware, announced its first collaboration with architect David Rockwell and his world-renowned firm Rockwell Group. The Eclipse Collection—which will be unveiled in November at ICFF in New York—marks FORMANI’s first collaboration with an American designer. The innovative yet refreshingly timeless design has been honoured with a 2021 RedDot Design Award in the best product design category.

David Rockwell

Channelling Formani’s legacy of functionality and beauty, Eclipse is a series of stainless steel, PVD-coated door fittings with a modern form and exceptional craftsmanship. The cylindrical silhouette features a sculptural curved and carved channel that makes it adaptable to numerous hospitality settings. Simple yet precise tooling offers both a square and round return option for a distinctive profile. The smooth finish and intuitive inflection point create soft lines that ensure a perfect ergonomic grip. The door handle is manufactured as one piece, allowing the moon-like detailing to continue seamlessly along the entire length of the arm and over the curve to the start of the neck. A way of thinking that turned out well: The jury of the prominent RedDot Design Awards commented, “Ergonomically sophisticated and unconventional in its design, this door handle series proves equally impressive in practice.” In 2022 the sophisticated design has also been awarded the ‘Australian Good Design Award’. 

“We constantly challenge ourselves to push boundaries and create innovative products. Our short-term future ambition (together with our US exclusive distributor ‘Bridgeport Worldwide’) is to introduce the entire US market to our products, our brand, and our vision. A partnership with one of the country’s most prominent designstudio’s, Rockwell Group, is a great opportunity to promote Formani’s growth and recognition in the US market. But it’s also a dream come true”, said Pim Aarts, Owner and Managing Director of Formani. “For years, the Rockwell group’s global projects have been a feast for the eyes and a great source of inspiration for me.” 

 “We approached our design concept like we would for an interactive set piece on stage—transforming something everyday into a special object that marks a transition and transformation in a wide range of interiors,” said David Rockwell, founder and President, Rockwell Group. “With an inflection point that responds to the human touch, Eclipse is a pleasure to use as well as observe.”

There are four different Eclipse door handles available. The difference is in the arms shape – round or square – and in the inflection point – along the entire length or until the corner. The door handle forms part of the complete ECLIPSE hardware collection, which consists of door fittings, window fittings, furniture fittings and other accessories.  The entire collection is available in four expressions: satin stainless steel, PVD satin black, bronze, PVD satin gold.   

Door handle on plate satin black
DR100 PVD satin black

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